Access To Health Care Based On Humanity Not Income

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One of the most basic of any human goods is certainly health. Health is a major determinant in almost all human activities, from productivity to procreation. Following that, the health and well-being of its population should be of utmost importance to any nation. Employing this principle depends on a country's philosophy of distributive justice and their ethics on resource allocation. There are about as many approaches to this matter as there are countries, but the two countries in question, Canada and the United States, take opposing stances: the former, of egalitarianism and the latter, of libertarianism. The present issue is to decide which view is correct, which is a daunting but important endeavour and it will inevitably boil down to a matter of human rights.From the standpoint of human rights, one must inexorably conclude that "the proper ground of the right to receive medical treatment... is ill health [not income]" . Therefore, the dissemination of health care should draw from a general principle of justice that guarantees everyone equality of opportunity for care.Firstly, one must understand the argument of libertarianism. Traditionally, the United Sates has accepted the free market ideal that distribution of health care is best left to the market. This is to say that health care for the public is not a protected right, but a private value. The libertarian believes it is unfair and unjust for the government to impose taxation for healthcare because this infringes on their right to freedom. Freedom in this view is the highest value: freedom to trade goods and services, freedom to choose health care providers, and in turn a health care provider's freedom to choose his or her clients. This all sounds well and good, but it has some dangerous implications.According to Norman Daniels, a physician under the libertarian system may contend that he must be at liberty to use his expertise and form contracts to further his personal goals and benefit his interests, provided he does not breach the fundamental freedoms of others in doing so . Practising these rights, it is perfectly acceptable for the physician and the hospital for which he works to decide not to admit uninsured people (beyond stabilizing the ones that are in critical condition) because it would be more costly to do otherwise. A case from Robert Rhodes illustrates how detrimental this can be to the uninsured individual:A young, uninsured female, involved in a car accident is taken to the emergency room of a private hospital. She is assessed to require surgery on her leg, so she is stabilized and transported to a county hospital for people without insurance. In transport her condition worsens and she suffers permanent damage to her leg that would have been prevented had she undergone surgery in due time at the first hospital .According to the libertarian approach, since she cannot not afford health insurance, she does not have the right to access the first hospital's highest quality of...

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