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The smoky eye is a makeup trick that should be in every woman's repertoire. This is a dramatic look that can be worn day or night. It takes a few tools, namely an eye shadow brush, an eye contour brush and a concealer brush. You will also need several shades of eye shadow in the same color. Eye makeup is often sold in sets for just this look.

You'll need to have a darker shade, a medium shade and a highlighting shade. You'll need a face powder in the same shade as your skin. For the most dramatic of looks, you will also need an eyeliner pencil in the color of your shadow but several shades darker. For the smoldering evening smokey eye, you will also need a shimmering light shade and a light colored shimmery eyeliner pencil.

The colors of your eye shadows will of course be dark. Dark shadows are necessary for a good smokey look. But, you should still take into account your skin tone and shade. Some colors will be look better on certain skin tones than others. Try to avoid gray shades unless you are medium toned. On a fair person it will look more like a bruise and on a darker person it will give an ashy look. Neither are attractive.

Fair to peachy folk are best served with cool browns and champagnes. Grey and green eyes can use dark blues. Blue eyes pop in a dark purple. Medium to fair skin will make good use of warmer browns and blues. Medium to dark skin looks good in deeper golden tones to darker browns. Dark and olive skin tones are served well by jewel tones and dark brown. Of course, there is always the option of black. If your options are limited, choose black before gray.

For a smokey eye for daytime go lightly in your application. Start by fully powdering your eye area with the skin tone shade. Use the eye shadow brush to work it into the skin. Do not skip this step. The powder helps to hold the color in place and create a polished look. Lay your darkest shade at the base of your upper and lower...

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