Accidents In Hockey Essay

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Accidents in Hockey

     Accidents can and do happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. This statement
is very true when dealing with a physical contact sport like hockey. There is a
certain amount of risk involved in playing any sport. When an injury occurs, it
inflicts tremendous hardship on the injured person, the team and the parents as
well. Hockey is a very popular and fun game to play (it is now considered
Canada's national sport, along with lacrosse) but it can also be very dangerous.
As players become better educated about hockey injuries and play by the rules
the game will be even more fun to play. This paper will discuss the importance
of common and catastrophic injuries, protective equipment, an indepth analysis
report, the role of a coach and personal related hockey injuries.


     During the hockey season a person's body ends up getting bruised,
injured and banged around. A hockey injury report done by the International
Hockey Centre of Excellence has statistics on the most common hockey injuries
and how they occured. the most common injuries are to the shoulder, knee and
the head.
     Injury to the shoulder is the most common hockey injury in the game
today because of the physcial contact. Of the injuries reported in the 1993-
1994 hockey season, 12% of those were shoulder related. Injury to the acromio-
clavicular joint was the most frequent because of the bodychecking. Every time
a player steps on the ice, he is constantly being pounded into the boards,
shoulder first. The glenohumeral was often being injuried mainly from fighting
and accidental contact. Hockey manufactures are constantly trying to improve
shoulder pads so this injury will not happen.
     The knee followed closely behind the shoulder being injured 11% of the
time. A knee injury is very serious in hockey because it can end a player's
career. Knee injuries usually occur in the open ice area when a player is
cutting hard and is kneed or tripped by an opposing player. Accidentally
colliding with an opposing player or one of your own teamates, often ends in
knee related injuries. The medial collateral ligament was damaged in 80% of all
reported knee injuries, followed by the lateral collateral ligament 10% of the
time. The cruciate ligament and meniscal were injured 3% of the time.
     Head injuries are the third most common type of hockey injury accounting
for 8% of all injuries. If you were to include facial injuries which would be a
combination of the head, teeth/mouth, jaw/chin and eye injuries they would
represent 26% of all reported injuries. A special analysis has been undertaken
by the Hockey Development Centre of Canada to better understand this problem.
The head is often driven into the boards awkwardly which leads to concussions.
NHL,OHL amd Junior A players are suffering head injuries because they do not
have to...

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