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Bell Hooks is a well-known Feminist. She has achieved a lot through her lifetime, and is still going strong. Bell Hooks is mostly known for her fight for feminism and for mainly African American females. She is also known for the many books she has written and for her public speaking. But besides all the major facts above, there is a lot more to Bell Hooks then you think. Throughout your readings you will learn a little more about Bell and her accomplishments. The main resource I used to do my research was the internet.

Bell Hooks Theory Paper
Bell Hooks
Bell Hooks is a famous scholar. She is known for her work with feminism and black women in the United States. She is also a well-known author. Many have impacted her, as well as she has done for many.
Early Life
Bell Hooks was born Gloria Jean Watkins on September 25, 1952, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Gloria was raised in a small segregated town. Her family wasn’t very wealthy back then, but it didn’t bother her. She went to an all-black school in her early years then as she got older she was introduced to a school where the people were prominently white. These changes affected her in a good way. She learned a lot about everyone’s differences and similarities. Gloria went through many experiences as she grew up and it helped her become who she is now.
College years. Once Gloria Jean Watkins started to write she changed her name to Bell Hooks, after her grandmother. She did not capitalize her name so that people would focus more on her work. Bell Hooks attended many University including Stanford, Wisconsin, and California. Growing up in a low poverty segregated town made Bell a very shy and quiet woman. When she was a student at Stanford she saw how the students treated each other and their parents. She definitely learned that people had different beliefs and values. Bell Hooks also noticed that her fellow students hid their past and background if they were embarrassed or ashamed of them. She didn’t think that this should effect their education but it did. Bell stated in her book Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education “I did not intend to forget my class background or alter my class allegiance.” She never let anyone or anything change her.
Career. In college she wrote her first book titled Ain't I a Woman. Even though she got some fame from that first book she continued writing after graduating from college. Once she...

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