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According To The Missouri Compromise, Slavery Would Be Tolerated Everywhere Or No Where

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In the early 1800’s slavery was a very big issue. Southern farmers and plantation owners believed it was their right to own slaves. Northern abolitionists felt that slavery should have been illegal everywhere. The North and South fought over if and where slavery should be legal. A man named James Tallmadge proposed an amendment that would have ended slavery. This bill was opposed by the south and ultimately failed. Then a man by the name of John Taylor tried to pass a similar bill to end slavery as a whole only to meet the same result. Both bills failed and with the north and south at each others throats, it looked as if it was going to separate the nation and cause a war between the North and South. But then a senator by the name of Henry Clay thought of an idea. By taking advantage of his position he influenced the house to accept a compromise created by Jesse B. Thomas between what the North and South wanted. This was called the Missouri compromise. During the late year of 1819, Missouri wanted to be recognized as a state. This however scared the north as they wanted to be a slave state. Missouri becoming a slave state would have disrupted the balance and caused the number of slaves state to be higher than that of the free states. The north feared this because that meant that slaves states would be dominant over free states and give the south the advantage in congress. With the North being represented by senator Rufus King and the South represented by William Pinkney, congress debated from December 1819 to March 1820. Luckily around the same time that Missouri applied for statehood, so did Maine. The north saw this opportunity and quickly used it to keep the balance and please the war ready south. It was implemented in 1820 in May and it’s most credited for keeping the balance of slavery and avoiding the war for another 30 years.The Missouri Compromise effected slavery by creating a sectional barrier between the northern, southern and western regions of America, setting new controversial and unconstitutional laws regarding slavery and shaped the expansion of slavery in the west.

The Missouri compromise literally and metaphorically set a barrier between the northern southern and western regions of america. Southerners counted slaves as additional revenue in order to more money out of them. The south felt that they needed slaves to work on their large plantations to earn them money. The whites eventually stopped working and plantations became almost entirely maintained by slaves. Also as major economic points of trade and auctions, southerners didn't want to part with a large part of their economy.Southerners also believed that it was their right as US citizens to own slaves. They thought of them as property rather than people. They didn't think they were doing anything wrong as they were simply trading, selling and auctioning property. The northerners felt the exact opposite. They believed that slavery was wrong and immoral. They...

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