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According To The Author, Is Man Naturally Uncivilized?

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In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the author is trying to tell us that there is a beast in every one of us and even the slightest kindling can ignite that monster. In this book, Golding shows that man is naturally evil and uncivilized. It is society and civilization that keeps us from unleashing the beast within. There are many examples in the book that support this theme.For starters, in the beginning of the book, all the children are innocent and longing to be rescued. During this time, and throughout the rest of the book, Golding pin points the conch shell as very significant. According to him, it stands for civilization and order. It is used to call the first meeting, and thereafter, used to call for order. If the shell were not there, the boys would have no way to meet in the first place, and therefore none of the civilized actions that happened in the beginning of the book would have ever taken place. It was more than just a symbol. It was actual democratic power. The boy who is speaking “can hold it when he’s speaking” (Golding 25). As the boys stop acting civil and become savages, the power of the shell greatly decreases. It has less influence on the boys. The loss of innocence in the boys is very subtle in the beginning, but very unexpected and sudden towards the end. When, towards the end of the book, Jack’s people attack Ralph and the other people, Piggy thought the boys came for the conch (Golding 150). But they didn’t, meaning they didn’t want to take civilized thoughts with them. They wanted to let that monster out of them. Also, when Jack goes to blow the conch at Jack’s camp, people throw stones at him. This shows that they didn’t want civilization in their midst. A final example of the part the shell plays in the downfall of civilized instincts is when Piggy dies. The conch shell explodes (Golding 163). The explosion of the shell was the point in the book where civilization completely ceases to exist. The only link to civilization that the boys have at this point is Ralph. The only problem is no one wants to follow him. This means that they all want to fell free and let that beast within them come out, and stay out.Another detail that supports Golding’s idea that savagery is within man is the hunting. In the beginning of the book, Jack is scared of what will happen if he kills the pig. He is scared to kill it (Golding 23). But he doesn’t. He says he’ll kill it next time. This shows that Jack is still innocent, and thus is still civilized. He is trying not to get to carried away and kill this animal. The next time he goes hunting, he tries to kill the pig. When he comes back, the only thing on his mind is the pig (Golding 45). This shows that he his mind is becoming more like a hunter in the wild. He is more focused on how to kill and animal, which is a very evil and uncivilized thing to do, rather than building the huts, which are civilized ways to live...

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