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Final AssessmentQuestion 1Carey Manufacturing, Inc., is considering reorganizing its plant into manufacturing cells. The following estimates have been prepared to evaluate the benefits from the reorganization:

Before the change

After the change

Total annual sales

$ 700,000


Costs as percentage of sales:

Direct materials



Direct labor



Support costs



Work-in -process inventory



Inventory carrying costs are estimated to be 12% per year.Required:Why do the layout reorganization estimates includefrom carrying reduced levels of work-in-process inventory?a decrease in direct material costs as a percentage of sales?an increase in sales?As a result of the layout reorganization, what amount of annul change is projectedform carrying reduced levels of work-in-process inventory?for incremental manufacturing costs?in total benefits?Answer:a.1. Layout reorganization estimates include a decrease in work-in-process inventory because cellular manufacturing streamlines production flows. When products flow immediately from one processing stage to the next, there is less build-up of work-in-process inventories.Question 2Identify and explain each of the three major cycles of the total-life-cycle-costing approachHow does the total-life-cycle costing approach differ from traditional product-costing? Explain.AnswerResearch, Development, and engineering cycle: target costing and value engineering Manufacturing cycle: activity-based costing, Kaizen costing post-sale service and disposal cycleEach part of value chain is managed by different organizational function it integrates the trade-offs and performance over time and functional unitsQ2aThe three major cycles of the total-life cycle costing approach are: research, development, and engineering (RD&E); manufacturing; and post-sale service and disposal.The research, development, and engineering cycle has three stages: 1. Using market research to assess emerging customer needs that leads to idea generation for new products;2. Products design prototypes, production processes, and any special tooling required.The manufacturing cycle begins after product development. In this cycle, costs are incurred in the production of the product. There is little room for engineering flexibility to influence product costs and product design at this stage.The post-sale service and disposal cycle consists of three stages:Rapid growth from the first time the product is slipped through the growth stage of its sales cycle;2. Transition , form the peak of its sales cycle to the peak in the service cycle, andMaturity, from the peak in the service cycle to the time of the last shipment made a customer.Question 3Lance Allot, vice-president of Arthur industries, a computer manufacturer in England, has been trying to figure out whether one of his branch managers. Ms. Gwen, has been achieving the company-wide return on sales target of 20 percent. Mr. Allot has just been...

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