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Account For The Collapse Of The Chinese Empire In 1911?

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China was once a strong and stable Empire many emperor from past ruled on china most of them ruled for long time and some of them for less time some famous ruler such as Nurhaci (1559–1626) but it began its decline in the 1500s and continued until modern times the last empire was Qing Empire that collapse in 1911. The main reason for empire collapse was refusal to trade with other countries, an uprising against foreign control, and the effect from a change of monarchy to a democracy. The Qing Empire (1644-1912) was the very last great dynastic empire to rule the china. It was effective and long lived rulers in the starting of Chinese of dynastic era; it was a period of success and natural disasters, rebellions, invasions and inept ruling courts at the end.

In 1911 the Qing dynasty was controlled by Manchu minority. So it is also knows as Manchu dynasty was the last dynasty in the Chinese history. The Manchu’s decided on a form of government that hadn’t been used before, democracy. Poorly the democracy was corrupted, peoples votes were easily bought which brought civil war, Xinhai revolution, and the overthrow the Qing Dynasty. This revolution end up with establish of republic of china.

The Qing Dynasty started Manchus who used to live north of the great wall. Manchu’s emerged as people when a tribal ruler name nurhaci started to conquer to other tribes. In 1625 Nurchaci conquer the Ming city of Shenyang and made it his capital they gave his empire a greater base of population and he used their skills. Nurhaci’s have a song who named was hung taiji. So he continues attacking on Ming officials and increases his empire. His empire called jin at first, but later in 1936, he renamed it as “Great Qing Empire”. Dorgon structured the Qing government his policies helped empire to stabilize and prosper. Emperor Shunzhi becomes ruler when he was 13 after although there was another emperor before shunzi but he was considering as the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty. In his rule, the main priority of the court was to conquer the rest of the empire and establish a government for the new empire. After emperor Shunzi death emperor kangxi become ruler. He had one of the longest reigns in dynastic history. During the emperor Kangxi big crisis comes up that was anti-Qing territory on Taiwan. Even Russians invaded an area on the northern frontier in the 1680s. After a serious of wars and wars two empires signed the treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689 that secured the border.
In the middle of dynastic era as emperor Kangxi had many sons from different women. So one of his son is called emperor Yongzheng become emperor and his grandson become next ruler that is Qianlong emperor. His court was successful in the beginning of his rule but in the end it was destruction. He was also successful to expand his empire into further central Asia. But his end was not as good as his starting he grew greedy and tried to conquer the militarily strong kingdoms of Burma and Vietnam...

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