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Account For The Increase In Illegal Downloading Of Music Or Film And Discuss The Effect Of This Trend

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There are many reasons for increasing the illegal downloading for music in the last years.

The technology development of computer and communication led to increase the illegal downloading of digital multimedia (e.g. music). In general, there is no change in the behavior of buyers, but starting of internet network and uprising of computerized systems, result in latest rise in piracy. The digital revolution has been one of the most important causes in control of piracy. As the arrival of the digital revolution, it has become not difficult to copy digital information without losing in its features. One more significant cause has been the introduction of the Internet, a commercial Internet ...view middle of the document...

According to Piolatto and Schuett (2012) a wide-ranging audience cannot be influenced by old methods of piracy, for example, first-generation P2P programs suffer from bottleneck as the request for a file rises. In contrast, best efficiency could be maintained by using second-generation P2P programs even in the case of heavy requests to download. In addition, the availability of a file and the time it takes to download it are essential properties of P2P file-sharing. Due to enhanced scheme of current P2P computer programs (e.g., BitTorrent), piracy effects are increasing. According to Zentner (2016) founds that probability of purchasing music has decreased 30 percent by using P2P technology. Furthermore, Buy CDs has increased after the advent of P2P file sharing (Mooney, Samanta & Zadeh, 2010). Also, Piolatto and Schuett show the variety of these effects. First, there is proof that artists have been affected differentially by music piracy subject to their fame. Second, piracy is not good for makers and users of music, which involves negative long-time consequences to makers, also reduces motivations to produce (Johnson, 1985; Belleflamme, 2003; Yoon, 2002; Bae and Choi, 2006, cited from Piolatto and Schuett 2012). Third, one positive effect with online piracy is consumers do not know beforehand whether they like a product. Illegal downloading allows consumers trying different musical types and performers, which in some circumstances gain the request to this music (Peitz and Waelbroeck, 2006b, cited from Piolatto and Schuett 2012). Fourth, there is possible encountered desire to the online piracy between artists and publishers. The disagreement is established on the thought that incomes for artists are not only the greatest sales of music. Artists have other revenues (e.g., live shows). While publishers may be affected by illegal downloading, piracy brings benefits to artists by increasing credits of their music. The concept that piracy would increase revenues of live shows based on empirical evidence (Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf, 2010; Mortimer et al., 2012, cited from Piolatto and Schuett 2012). Fifth and finally, there is controversial result about how the piracy effect on sales of albums....

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