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Account For The Increase In Illgal Downloading And Discuss The Effects Of This Trend

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Recently, Downloading films illegally has increased significantly . Nowadays, the number of people who download films is increasing for many reasons. One of the issues that should be considered and deterred in our societies is illegal downloading because it affects many aspects in this trend. This essay will focus on the reasons and it will contain a discussion about the effects of the increase in illegal downloading. Moreover, this essay is divided into three sections. The first section presents the reasons that have caused the increase in illegal downloading. The second one discusses the effects that have resulted from the trend of illegal downloading. The last paragraph concludes the ...view middle of the document...

The recent condition of the internet provides the users a wide range of abilities which allow them to watch a long film in more time than it takes to download it (Jacobs;2012). In some areas, whichever local or international, people cannot afford for a movie or incapable to wait till the film be published, so downloading the film would be the perfect choice (Hasshi;2013). Clearly, there are several factors that lead people to download films illegally but as usual there should be consequences as well.
As Jacobs stated in 2012, when people started neglecting the effects of downloading movies and replicating the issue, it becomes no longer concerning about money, the issue in fact is more about satiate the desire by watching more films and attempt a new experience. In some cultures downloading movies has been treated as a normal behavior whereas others trying to deter this phenomenon from expansion by exhibit the effects to the community. Downloading movies has not been defined as a negative attitude in the community, although it is a fraud, but this is the definition that some organizations such as BREIN, show it (Jacobs; 2012). Piracy affects the creation of films although some people say that films industry gains lots of money so they think that they will not be an obstruction for them but in actual fact it is an obstruction for films industry because without piracy there would not be financial losses from this perspective. On the...

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