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Account For The Methods Of Electricity Generation Used In The Uk And Consider Possible Future Developments

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There are several different methods that are used to generate electricity in the UK and these methods are used differently for various purposes. It is important to use a variety of different methods for electricity generation to balance or preserve many aspects in the country such as economy and environment. This essay will focus on the methods that are used for electricity generation in the UK as well as considering future development. . The order of the first three paragraphs will be based on the consumption of the methods starting from the highest percentage to the lowest. The fourth paragraph will explain the usage of renewable energy in the UK and the last three paragraphs will be ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, natural gas is cleaner than other fuels and that not only about reducing CO2 emissions but also about the benefits from the economic perspective because natural gas does not need much equipment to make it clean as the coal or oil needs (national fuel, 2014). Realizing that natural gas does not emit much pollution but it does donate to acid rain and ground-level ozone so they both can affect the environment (Suzuki, 2014).

In order of consumption, nuclear power constitutes as the third most consumed source which has an impact on the environment from several perspectives air, water and lands; however, it seems that nuclear power will be used more but differently in the future. Nuclear energy consume large amounts of water because nuclear power works by steam thus rivers and lakes need to be removed and the fish that live there will be affected (U.S. environmental protection agency, 2013). In addition, heavy metals that built in water and the waste that it does can negatively affect the quality of water (U.S. environmental protection agency, 2013). On the other hand, a new strategy is been used currently which will reduce the electricity bills for consumers for long term usage (BBC, 2013). These were the methods that are used to generate electricity in the UK. The following paragraphs illustrate the methods that are used now in low percentage and some reasons of using them also, they present whether they are suitable for the future of electricity in the UK or not.

As well as coal natural gas and nuclear power, renewables now are used in higher percentage than in the past and it will continue to be used more in the future. According to the national statistics publication in 2011, renewable energy accounted for more than nine percent of electricity generation. In addition, there are four types of renewable energy which are used in the UK; bioenergy, wind, hydro and other kinds of renewables which accounted for lower percent such as geothermal and active solar heating (A National Statistics Publication, 2012). Between these renewables, bioenergy is the most consumed source which accounted for 77.1% of renewable energy in 2011 (A National Statistics Publication, 2012). Furthermore, bioenergy contains several methods that are used to generate electricity in the UK which will be mentioned in the following paragraph. The next most consumed method after bioenergy is wind which accounted for 15.4% of electricity generation in 2011 (A National Statistics Publication, 2012). Hydro energy took the third place between renewables in 2011 which accounted for almost five percent of the electricity generated (A National Statistics Publication, 2012). Moreover, there are other methods which are used to generate electricity that accounted for nearly three percent of electricity generation in 2011 such as geothermal and active solar heating (A National Statistics Publication,...

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