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Account For The Victory Of The Greeks In The Persian Invasions Of 490 B.C 480 B.C

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Between the years of 490B.C to 480B.C, a series of events occurred, mainly wars, which saw dramatic changes in Athens, and soon became the supreme military state of Greece. They achieved this status by outnumbering the power and resources of the Persian Empire, in a number of successful victories, and driving the Persians out of Ionia and other Greek states which had become medised over the wars. There were a number of factors which contributed to the victory of the Greeks in the Persian invasions, which included their various strategies of geographical knowledge, superior leadership, unity, fighting techniques and even luck.The Greek use of geographical knowledge was a valuable factor, which greatly contributed to their victory. In the battles of the Persian invasions, the Greeks to their advantage, with the exception of the Battle of Plataea, chose all battle areas. Confined passes and valleys, and narrow straits were their chosen positions of attack. They used this to their advantage, by strategically choosing areas in which the Persian army's enormous numbers wouldn't be effective, where the land or space was narrow, where the Persians could be 'bottlenecked'. The Battle of Marathon is a successful battle in which this technique was used. The Greeks had chosen this area as a suitable area for battle, as it was on heights commanding both roads to Athens, covering both coast road and the hills to the rear. After the Greek victory at Marathon, the Greeks were able cut down the Persians after fleeing, by securing the land making it hard to escape by using their knowledge of the land. The Persians were confined between the sea and the hills, with the only chances to escape by fleeing to the north, where they were cut down in the area between the sea and the marsh, or to flee to ships, which were standing offshore.Again, the use of Greek knowledge of the landscape was used in the Battle of Thermopylae, taking up a position near the ancient Phocian wall, which they had rebuilt. They also chose this position, as it was a narrow passage which they could advance and retire, which meant that when the Persians arrived, their large numbers would be less effective. Due to this strategic positioning, it also meant that the Persians were unable to use their cavalry. Although Greek knowledge of the area was an advantage, it also became a disadvantage when they were betrayed by one of the locals, who informed Xerxes of the only detour, which could reach the Greeks, a mountain path. Although the Greeks already had a force positioned to fight, it allowed the Persians to move on quickly. At the same time, the Battle of Artemisium was taking place, a naval battle off the coast of Artemisium. This location for a battle was ideal, as it covered the entrance to the channel between Euboea and the mainland, as well as a sheltered line of retreat and communication. Being narrow waters, this also was an advantage to the Greeks, as they would restrict the larger Persian...

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