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For enquiries please contact: +91- 80 - 4123 1576Demand for IT & BPO Services in Banking Industry - SingaporeA Granular level demand side study of outsourcing Industry in SingaporeTopics covered - Table of Contents (TOC)Executive SummaryIntroduction to the reportResearch MethodologyCurrent Scenario: Top 5 most outsourced IT and BPO processes by banking industry in SingaporeDetails of outsourcing deals in the Banking Industry in Singapore in last 3 yearsSplit of banking outsourcing deals by type and size of bankEstimation of total value of outsourced IT processes through thorough study of outsourcing deals in the banking Industry in SingaporeEstimation of total volume of outsourced IT processes through thorough study of outsourcing deals in the banking Industry in SingaporeEstimation of total value of outsourced BPO processes through thorough study of outsourcing deals in the banking Industry in SingaporeEstimation of total volume of outsourced BPO processes through thorough study of outsourcing deals in the banking Industry in SingaporeInsights on expected renewal of existing and upcoming deals, based on our analysisReference list and AppendixKey Questions Answered in the report:Which processes in banking sector are most lucrative in terms of outsourcing deals in Singapore and what is the market size split by process?Which delivery centers and the vendors are reaping the maximum benefits from the recent banking industry outsourcing deals in Singapore?Executive SummaryBanking industry in Singapore has been undergoing structural changes in order to adapt to a dynamic business environment over the last 5 years. This has lead to frequent occurrences of exercises like business restructuring, through merger, acquisition, sale of business and outsourcing of business functions in the banking Industry.Banks in Singapore have identified outsourcing as a viable solution to lower operating costs, get access to skilled manpower, improve the organizational flexibility and reduce the time-to-market of new...

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1115 words - 4 pages with particular benefits in particular contexts” (Mintzberg, 1994). In Here is a brief account of several generations of strategic planning. “ Analysis model dominated strategic planning of the 1950s. The 1960s brought qualitative and quantitative models of strategy. During the early 1980s, the shareholder value model and the Porter model became the standard. The rest of the 1980s was dictated by strategic intent and core competencies, and market

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1072 words - 4 pages actions it has to take to fulfill the strategic goal. Once Boeing has looked into its tactical phase it then moves onto its operational planning phase. During the planning phase Boeing must look at their operational planning and take in account the prices, labor, and cost to produce the new technology. This phase of planning can be considered very important to Boeing because no matter which way they go they are going to cost the corporation

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1406 words - 6 pages dynamic nature of business, strategic planning allows organisations to avoid uncertainty allowing them to take into account all factors for future actions. It is also important in larger more complex organisations as it allows the organisation to coordinate its workforce to achieving a common goal. In reference to the statement organisations that fail to plan are planning to fail there are countless reasons why organisations choose to plan, these can

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652 words - 3 pages Enterprise resource planning: (noun); An accounting-oriented information system for identifying and planning the enterprise-wide resources needed to take, make, ship, and account for customer orders.Referenced from:- the APICS Dictionary, 10th editionEnterprise resource planning (ERP) systems started as a means for inventory control and grew to replace islands of information by integrating traditional management functions, such as financials

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1746 words - 7 pages ).Using this example, the tax deferred feature of an IRA is easily recognized as having a considerable edge over regular savings plans.Another advantage to consider when planning an IRA is to start the account as early in life as possible. It is obviously an advantage to use the program that is going to give the best overall return; however, the advantage of starting early should not be taken lightly either. As with all savings plans, a key factor

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1100 words - 4 pages sure people are flying in aircraft that is safe. This type of information is taken into account when Boeing is in the planning phase. Boeing takes the development of each phase of an aircraft into account. Boeing has to plan tactically so that their are no delays in the finals stages. (Associated Content, 2008).Legal issues are another factor that influence the planning function of management at Boeing. Three employees of Boeing filed a whistle

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3664 words - 15 pages older methods. It has to be noted though that Salmela and Spil (2002) have stressed not to rely completely on an informal incremental process as the solutions to e business can be very complex. Four cycles has been introduced by Salmela and Spil (2002) to take in to account e business strategy and enables important IS planning issues to be addressed. The method is evolutionary and is open to management change. This allows the method to be formal yet

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2574 words - 10 pages foundation for organizations but commentators argue that the older strategies lack flexibility for IS planning and do not take in to account enough external factors, in essence they say the older methods are for perfect organizations that never have any economic, political or ethical problems. Theorists have concluded that IS strategies do not work for all organizations, as some don't have business plans, which are the requirements of most business

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1209 words - 5 pages AbstractNo matter the size of an organization, effective planning must be completed to ensure that all objectives are addressed. The four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling will be explained. WorldCom ignored the social responsibilities it had to the stakeholders of the company, which led the organization to bankruptcy, and key senior executives were charged with fraud charges. The new plan will show ways to

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959 words - 4 pages development, social and nutritional status of the population. Interpret the goals and objectives of food policy. Implement a food policy in the health problems of our country. Take into account the production of food and its availability for a ration media. Program: I. Food and nutrition policy: Concept. Importance on the social economic development. Scope of planning. Implementation. Her relation to health plans. II. Information

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2650 words - 11 pages themselves be clearly specified. Some of them will refer to marketing goals, others to goals dealing with the maintenance of the business system itself. Marketing plans should account for both (5). Marketing planning in service organizations is a dynamic activity. In estimating future moves of competitors and actions of customers, for example, the difficulties and intricacies of estimation are evident. The fact that anticipated actions may not

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1350 words - 5 pages through the lack of management planning in a time of dire need. Theoretical solutions will then be critically analysed and evaluated in regards to finding a logical solution. The implementation of management planning in business today is a crucial factor that all businesses in society today should take into account, when trying to improve business performance and response time. It can be argued that Temasek Holdings requires a better sense of long

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1773 words - 7 pages Amgen’s planning is viewed by top management as an action control. The planning determines which actions the company must take to accomplish her targets. Based on the planning the company can take into account required capital, staff needs, patenting, etc. But researchers are notoriously difficult to manage. A strategic plan cannot force a research breakthrough. Within Amgen therefore 20% of the researchers’ time is free to use as they