Accounting Communications Between Males And Females

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Communication can be a daunting task in today society. The forms of communication are constantly changing and evolving. In the beginning stages of humanity talking was irrelevant. The actions of a human spoke louder than words. However, the age of technology is slowly destroying not only the communication but also the society itself. In the current age humans are living in a life created for them. The people will have been trained to focus more on the outside world rather than the inside world. Studies show that the inside world actually produces the physical world. Nothing can be manifested unless the inside world agrees. So, not only is commutating transforming it’s also becoming more judgmental. Relationships are a big task for every man and woman. Being married or in a relationship is the hardest task on earth. For instance, making a man stay with one girl his entire life is nearly impossible. It’s in a man nature to want more. Increasing is one of the natural laws in the universe. With that being said, communicating between opposite sex must be astounding. Communicating has the power to extend friendships. By knowing how the opposite sex wants operate it will allow the couple to build and grow closer to one another. However, commutation is easier said than done. In America the divorce rate is beyond high. In reality, couples should be able to withstand one another. Or the two shouldn't be together in the first place. It takes years to understand the actions of another human. People in this society will always rush into different actions before really expecting a great outcome. Humans in this day and age allow emotions to overtake their mind and actions. Women will fall in love but love is just an emotion. Basically, the opposite sex is obsessed of the person. Obsession can run once all of the opposite sex needs and wants are fulfilled. The connection between one another must be genuine. Before a relationship men and women need to be great friends beforehand. Friendships will enable the bond to become in this day and age must stay away from the clashing of attitudes. The attitude of either male or female is a major component of communicating. Attitudes can change in the blink of an eye. For instances, the wrong choice of words can quickly tick off the opposite set. Either male or female has the power to say the wrong words and hostile actions become available.
Arguments are the main focus within a distraught couple. Honestly, words carry an abundance of power. A select word can be associated with a tragedy and will spark different attitudes instantly. For example, couples will argue all the time. However, it isn't until one strike a nerve with a word that meant a lot growing up. Cultures and the surroundings when growing up is involved. Anything can trigger a past experience and it will take the person back to that unfortunate event. Nowadays, with the lack of communications relationships are running...

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