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Accounting For Decision Essay

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Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION….…………………………………………….….2BUDGET….……..……………………………………………………3EXHIBIT 1..…………..……………………….………………………5OTHER FACE OF BUDGET.…………….….…………………...6VOSSEBERG PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY……………...7GABRIELLE MOTORS COMPANY………….…………………9CONCLUSION…………………………………..………………..10BIBLIOGRAPHY ..…....…………………………………………..11INTRODUCTIONToday, management accounting information is used for decision-making, learning, planning, and controlling activities.The information that management accounting systems produce supports the operational and strategic needs of the enterprise. Measures of the economic condition of the enterprise such as the cost and profitability of the organisation's products, services, and customers are available only from management accounting systemsEmployees use management accounting information to receive rapid feedback on their performance so that they can learn from the recent past and improve for the future. Used in this way, management accounting information supports the organisation's continuous learning and improvements activities. Management accounting information measure the economic performance of decentralised operating units such as business units, divisions, and departments. It provides feedback to senior management about the units' performance and also serves as the linkage between the strategy of the organisation and the execution of the strategy in individual operating units.In today's competitive environment, management accounts have become part of the management team, participating in formulating and implementing strategy. Management accountants can translate strategic intent into operational and managerial measures. Rather than just being caretakers of data and producers of historical reports, they can become the designers of an organisation's critical management information systems.One of management accounting tools is BUDGET - "plans of action expressed in monetary terms".Recently management argues that budgets are a tool of motivation and development or a tool of repression and a barrier to change.I believe that they are both of them...

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