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Accounting In An Emerging Country The Case Of Bangladesh

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Accounting in an Emerging Country: The Case of Bangladesh
MD. Tashrif Ul Amin ID: 2009-2-10-333
East West University

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Letter of Transmittal
September 09, 2013
Prof. Dr. Monirul Alam Hossain
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Dhaka
Subject: Submission of the Project Report.
Dear Sir,
This is the exceptionally overwhelming experience of submitting the project report which I have
prepared with my hard work and being driven by the urge as an accounting student always put up
with on. I worked on as an emerging country how Bangladesh deals with accounting and highly
focus on the development of accounting in Bangladesh. I have prepared this report with the best
feasible way as well as have tried to make it as sound as possible.
Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to request you to kindly go through the report and
scrutinize how far I have been successful in my effort.
Truly Yours
Md. Tashrif Ul Amin
ID: 2009-2-10-333
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Dhaka

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Completing this project has been made possible by the inspiration and encouragement of many
people. I would like to acknowledge the following people and institutions, all of whom have
contributed in their special ways to the completion of this project.
My utmost gratitude goes to my supervisors Prof. Dr. Monirul Alam Hossain for his intellectual
guidance, enduring patience and encouragement throughout this demanding process. His gentle
confidence and mentoring has helped to give me the strength to persevere and stay committed to
my goals and aims. I am deeply indebted to Prof. Dr. Abdul Hye and Mr. Muhammad Zahirul
Islam, ACMA who supported me in my work by providing help, support, interest and valuable
I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of the Faculty Members of accounting in East
West University, ICAB and ICMAB members and students, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)
employees for their contributions while I conducted extensive discussion, collect data and
organize this phase of the report from the beginning through the end.
My deepest love and gratitude goes to my family for their patience, loving support and
indulgence throughout my life. Many thanks also to a number of friends and colleagues whose
doors I have knocked time and again and they extended their hands of help.
I shall be eternally grateful to God Almighty for granting me the opportunity to experience
one of the most humbling, unforgettable but enjoyable experiences of my life and for giving me
the strength throughout my study and emerged at the end as more determined to complete this

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Table of Content
CONTENT PAGE NO. ACRONYMS 5 HISTORY OF ACCOUNTING 6 The Age Of Stagnation 6 Growth Of Accounting 7
HISTORY OF ACCOUNTING PROFESSION IN BANGLADESH 9 A. Pre-Independence History 9 B. Post-Independence History 10
Traditional Book-System Of Bangladesh 11 I. Sole Proprietorship & Partnership Firms...

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