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Accounting Project: Take 100,000.00 Dollar Endowment Make The Most Growth Possible In A Three Month Period. Includes Research And Detail Analysis Of Real Companies And Markets.

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GROUP PROJECT ACTIVITYFALL 2004BUILDING AND MANAGING A PORTFOLIO OF FINANCIAL ASSETSFUND NAME:MONEY MAKERFUND MANAGERSASKIA ROBERTSInvestment ObjectiveInvest an endowment of $100,000 and get the highest rate of return possible in a three-month period. Date of investment transactions will begin on September 2, 2004 and terminate on December 6, 2004.GoalSimply stated, to yield a return on investment 10% or higher in one quarter of investing.StrategyBuy low, Sell high. The managers of the Money Maker fund will implement a strategy of investing only in options that offer a substantial high rate of return. This requires lots of research from the fund managers in various fields of the market. We will be looking for options that are very sensitive in the market place and temporarily undervalued. We will Invest in the undervalued stock and sell at a predetermined rate. Stocks will generally be held for a time period of 15 business days not to exceed 30 consecutive business days, at any given time during the funds activity.FocusThe managers at the Money Maker fund pay very close attention to market analysis and corporate activity in sectors of interest. Events such as leadership change, implementation of new products, demise of existing products, or the emergence of a scandal in sensitive markets is where the managers of the Money Maker fund are looking for opportunities.Risk AssessmentDue to the strategy, the risk is very high but acceptable.Current Economic ConditionsFrom Federal Reserve Beige BookReports from the Federal Reserve Banks indicated that economic activity continued to expand in late July and August, although several districts indicated that the pace had slowed since their last reports. Districts' characterizations of the rate of expansion ranged from slow (St. Louis) to solid (San Francisco), with many districts reporting modest or moderate growth.Household spending was reported to have softened in many parts of the nation, reflecting lackluster retail sales and some cooling in new and existing home sales. Conditions in the manufacturing sector, on the other hand, improved further nationwide, especially among capital equipment and other durable goods makers. Residential construction activity remained at high levels but slowed a bit in some regions; nonresidential construction remained tepid, as did demand for commercial and industrial space. Agricultural conditions were mixed and generally tied to the weather. Demand for consumer loans softened somewhat, but several districts noted increased commercial lending. Employers in most districts continued to expand payrolls, though districts reported some unevenness across sectors. While persistently rapid increases in nonwage labor costs continued to be a concern for many employers, wage pressures remained modest. Consumer prices were generally flat or up modestly, although there were noticeable price increases for energy and some material inputs.Consumer SpendingConsumer spending was mixed...

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