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AbstractThis paper will highlight on the loss of centeredness in the European culture. This paper will also describe about the effects of loss of centeredness by the Europeans in Africa. The poaper will analyze and interpret the, ""The confrontation of Western civilization with other peoples whose values were often dramatically opposed to the West's…suggests that by the dawn of the twentieth century, the tradition and sense of centeredness that had defined indigenous cultures for hundreds, even thousands, of years was either threatened or in the process of being destroyed. Worldwide, non-Western cultures suddenly found that they were defined as outposts of new colonial empires developed by Europeans, resulting in the weakening of traditional cultural practices, political leadership, and social systems that had been in place for centuries." (Sayre, 2013, pp. 410-411).IntroductionWestern world has developed many technologies that strengthen its military, communication and naval technology and also focus on conquering civilizations in the New world. They are also highlighting on decentering their culture. Europeans culture is demonstrated by weaker civilizations and it also claims territories as their own.In the late 19th century and 20th century, western culture inherits modern technology, communication and strong military presence. Other cultures are influenced both politically and economically by the growing western culture. Over the time, Western culture is gaining power and is threatening other cultures with its rising strength. Other cultures which are non-western cultures have their own values and thinking ways which is not similar to the western cultures. These non-western cultures avoid losing their center because decentering will result in losing their own identities.In the later nineteenth century and early twentieth century, "decentering" of cultureIn the later nineteenth century and early twentieth century, globalization was the key factor of the decentering of non western cultures. Western culture is influencing non-western culture and cause decentering in various areas likefashion,music,traditions,media,communication,technology.All these areas undergo changes and modernize with time. Since the 19th century, technology and communication is irresistibly growing. Loss of centering has also resulted in the passing down of cultures music and literature from generation to generation.The selected non-Western culture like prior to the late nineteenth centuryPrior to the late nineteenth century, the African culture flourished with tradition. In Africa, different regions have many different villages and each of these villages contains several families that are lead by an appointed leader. The Africa culture The African culture was rich in music, art, and dance.For example, an African dance in the African culture...

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