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"Accurate And Fair Performance Appraisal Is Impossible Within A Working Environment Based On Teamwork".

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I think that accurate and fair performance appraisal is not impossible within a working environment based on teamwork. However, it is not easy to do it exactly accurate and fair. It will be more accurate and fair if we do performance appraisal for both individuals and teams within a teamwork working environment. It will definitely not fair if we evaluate performance appraisal based on teamwork only. One individual can be not so productive but their team may be very effective to achieve the team goal. Her/ his weakness can be cover up by other team members.Performance appraisals provide a basis for deciding who should be promoted terminated, given a raise, and so forth. It is an important part of consideration in making a wide range of personnel decisions in most organizations, and it benefits both the organization and the individual. The most obvious purpose of a performance appraisal system is as a decision aid.It gives the employee the opportunity to discuss performance and performance standards regularly with the supervisor. It provides the supervisor with a means of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an employee's performance, and it provides a format so he/she can recommend a specific program designed to help an employee improve their performance. Also, it can provide a basis for salary recommendations so that employees can make justified earnings.Environmental issues are all the surrounding factors that come into play when doing a performance appraisal. These issues have to be considered in performance appraisals because they can contaminate the interview in negative ways. Different variables such as standards used to evaluate performance, the definition of what constitutes performance, frequency of appraisals, supervisor-subordinate relationships, and the consequences of high or low evaluations. All these factors thrown together can influence the appraisal interview in different directions.For examples, if you are good friends with your boss and he/she gives you the P.A. interview, the chances are you will get a positive review regardless if your performance is poor. Or perhaps one employee has better resources and higher output than you, and as a result gets a better performance review. Other appraisal failures come from managers not taking the appraisal seriously, or they lack the skills needed. Sometimes managers do not tell the truth during the evaluation to spare feelings, or they are not prepared to do the interview.These environmental affects have to be considered so it is not unfair and biased to employees. There is no definite process or solution to make all performance appraisals fair and accurate. But if done correctly, the rate will be able to identify his/her weaknesses and turn them into strengths which will lead to better performances, which will ultimately lead to better earnings for the organization having a chain reaction on up the line.In recent years there have been many legal issues that have been brought up...

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