Acent’s Best Practices Communications Manual Essay

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Acent Overview
Acent is a nonprofit food aid organization that collects grains and other dry food products from distributors within the United States. We are part of a larger worldwide network of organizations that dispenses the food to nations around the world in need. Our job is to collect and redistribute the food merchandise to the correct food relief organization. Rice and soybeans are distributed to; Feed the Tummy and sent to Indonesia, whereas feed grains and dry beans are sent to Africa through Food for Growth. At the present time we collect food the mid-west and southern states.
A Healthy Work Environment
At Acent we believe in a healthy work environment, where communication is ...view middle of the document...

Since Acent is a large organization, it is essential for our members to be knowledgeable of the great scheme of the organization. In the quarterly workshops, we discuss and collaborate using the SWOT Analysis method, listing the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization (DHA Communications, 2014)?

• Who would know firsthand, when trucks arrive late to the mid-western division? The driver would know first and then his or her supervisor. In good communication, the driver has to inform the supervisor of the delay and why. This could be a potential threat to the organizations distribution, growth and reputation. This is a situation that needs an immediate response from the main office and can be acknowledge in a quarterly meeting if there further occurrences.
Identifying the point of view or the audience will assist you in communicating to the proper channels. Within the organization and our distributor there is a wide audience. Understanding your audience and there point of view can make it easier to do your job.
• The point of view: For collection to be made in a timely manner.
• The audience: driver, area supervisor, and collections department.
In the truck scenario, the driver would not communicate with the CEO of Acent, he or she would follow a chain of command. The driver would think about the point of view and chose the most appropriate audience. This would be someone in the collections department. The member from the collections department would then relay the message to the area supervisor and so on.
The message is the key in your communication. Once you are aware of the audience and point of view, you now have to relay the message. Who is the message for; is it for your boss, colleague, peer or everyone? Just like the example of the driver, his message was for the collections...

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