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Acer In Canada Case Study For Strategic Management Essay Case Study For Strategic Management

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Statement of the Problem
If we continue to believe that Acer Canada is already as efficient as it is as a satellite sales office, wherein the Canada operations are to handle shipments and repairs of Acer products, we’ll never see the possible growth of Acer Canada being able to be one of the biggest contributors when it comes to the Canadian PC Market.
Key Issues
External Key Issues (Opportunities & Threats)
Growing Market for PC Manufacturers
There is a greater possibility that, if this opportunity is grabbed, the Acer Canada could have a stable place in the market there and be able to beat some of its competitors to make it into higher ranking in terms of market shares.
Well-known Competitors
Acer’s competitors in Canada are very ahead in terms of market shares. If Acer let their guard down it might cause the company to lose their customers in the vicinity and if Acer does not respond quickly to the customer’s change of choice customers might prefer other companies that have fast reactions to their demands.
Internal Key Issues (Strengths & Weaknesses)
Decentralized Control
Each manager for each regional branch is given the authority to run the company as if it were their own. This is one of Acer’s strengths since each of the regional branches of Acer their managers and workers are mostly local. This is an advantage for them since locals are more aware of the happenings or what are the customers in that region or state wants. And through that they can easily adapt to it and be the first one to give the customers what they need and want.
Canadian Facility
Since Acer Canada operations started off with operations that handled shipment and repair of Acer products for Canada, it might not be able to satisfy the customer as much, compared to other manufacturers or vendors since they do have a manufacturing firm within the vicinity and not only a satellite sales office of their main branch.
Strength (S)
Weakness (W)
· Strong corporate culture
· Employee empowerment
· Global expansion and diversity
· Strong financial position
· Strategic alliance for further expansion
· Paratrooper managers who were not adapted with Acer’s culture
· Low cost, low end product manufacturing image
· Acer’s limited capital resources
· Existing coordinate problem
Opportunities (O)
Threats (T)
· Growing industry
· Increasing trend to working at home in U.S. market
· Improved brand name
· Rapid growing interest in internet

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