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Achievement: Just The Rich And Famous?

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In life it is important for one to have goals and standards. Without these, our potential cannot be reached. Bill Gates is one of the most richest people in the world. He is one of the most successful people in the world from achieving. Achievement is important in everyday life because it helps us throughout life, determining our future.
According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, achievement is defined as something that is accomplished successfully (Merriam-Webster the Online Dictionary). There are many people that has achieved throughout history. Some of these people achieved so much, that they are well known throughout the world. “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else” (Albert Einstein Quote). An example of achievement would be the billionaire, Bill Gates. He said once that almost every household would have a PC. He has pretty much achieved this. The Microsoft Windows operating system was one of his most successful software products he made. (Bill Gates Bio.) Words that have a similar definition like achievement would be words like accomplishment, success, triumph, fulfillment, and feat.
Although achievement is an idea that all are familiar with, it is often misinterpreted. It is not only becoming rich or famous. Achievement happens and it happens all the time. How about the opposite of the word achievement? The antonym of achievement would be failure. Examples of failure could be an invention that gone horribly wrong or someone who failed on their test. Unfortunately, failure also occurs just as much as achievement. However, we can learn from failure and in the future we can avoid mistakes leading to failure, which then could possibly lead to achievement. Probably, learning from mistakes and failure can help your chances of achieving in the near future.
How would one prepare themselves to achieve? Being able to achieve means that one will have to do a lot of work to achieve your goals or whatever it may be. The first step to achieving is to jot down a list of what you want to achieve. One then wants to narrow it down to the most important one you want to do. One would want to have a clear vision of what they may want to achieve. The next step to achieve is to focus on the results and the purpose. The results would be something like what will be changed when they achieve or what may gain from it. Also the purpose needs to be found. What is its purpose of this, what will you gain from it. The third step and final step is to make a plan so you can get meaningful results and achieve whatever it may have been. (Tony Robbins O-P-A)
There are things in our lives and in history when what seems like the impossible is accomplished. Take the astronaut, Neil Armstrong for example. Neil Armstrong achieved in being the first person to be on the moon. He is a known astronaut, who now is retired. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he had this to say, “That's one small step for...

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