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Life has its ups and downs like a crazy roller coaster at the fair. A person would not be a person with life if they didn't have strengths and weaknesses. To me strengths are drawn within the people themselves. Weaknesses are what we perceive about ourselves and try not to strive for success with. Within my life I have many strengths and weaknesses both that take my crazy roller coaster to the peak of the hill and sometimes all the way to the bottom, the not so exciting part.When looking at myself, I feel that my personal strengths are being well organized and having a keen ability for problem solving. I am strong willed and have a good work ethic. I am a quick learner and not afraid to learn something new. With my take charge attitude I find myself being a leader not a follower. I believe myself to be very creative. I can take an idea and apply it either in structure or being. You can see my strengths on a daily basis especially when I am at home, work and anywhere else I might go, but when I run into a roadblock you can see my weaknesses.I am not good at asking for help; I feel that shows weakness and I have a tough time exposing my weaknesses. I would rather kill myself trying first than ask for help. So I could say that stubbornness is one of my biggest weaknesses. My fear of failure has created a great insecurity in me. I would like to be able to say, "I didn't fail. I just discovered how not to do it." But instead I would rather not do something or put it off for fear I might fail. I also expect too much from people because I feel that if I can do something they can do it too. I also expect things to come out perfect and done right and for that to happen I have to be pushy, which brings out another one of my weaknesses. I know in my mind that people are not perfect, but I guess expecting something is different...

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