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Achieving An Ideal School Community Essay

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School Communities are the best way of promoting student achievement and teacher excellence. We will explore the different views and ideas on achieving an ideal school community. Having a Democratic Community is very important in sustaining the US democratic society. In promoting a Democratic School we must value each individual and respect each other which will create an environment of well-being of everyone. Everyone in the school environment must participate for it to be successful including teachers, students and parents. Encouraging free flowing communication and ideas and critical thinking is vital to a democratic school community. Students need to achieve the ability to work actively with problems, ideas, materials and other People as they learn skills and content. They should have an escalating degree of choices, both as individuals and groups, within the parameters provided by the teacher. The students are responsible to their peers, teachers, parents, and school community, using educational time purposefully, intelligently, and productively. They should have the ability to collaborate with one another, teachers, parents and other community members. Students should know how to make their learning a contribution to their community. They need to be able to assume escalating responsibilities for securing resources and finding places where they can apply and further their learning. Demonstrating what they know and can do it in public settings and receive public feedback is important for them to be able to do. Lastly, the students should be able to work together and learn from another at a pace that challenges all (G. Glickman, 2004).
A Moral Community is a vital part of the school community which commits itself to the well-being of the entire community. The school will require a caring staff that shows by example. The school needs to utilize connections to engage students, teachers and administration in the leadership process. Also important are Inclusion, Justice and Peace, freedom, trust and empowerment. A community of Inquiry is another piece of the school community puzzle that uses a cycle of inquiry for peer coaching and clinical supervision. Data gathering and analysis are an important part of the inquiry process. Engagement with the community at large such as the student and parent environment outside of the internal school community. Going beyond the traditional school involvement might include basic needs such as food, clothing, and healthcare and parent education. But in order for these types of services to be success full collaboration is important (G. Glickman, 2004).
School community Partnerships are the theory that schools and community are overlapping. The goal is to engage students in such a way that it coincides with social cultural structures and environments outside the school community. Showing students how what they are learning has a real world context is important in engaging students as they grow...

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