Achieving Community Development Goals For Agh Group

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AKH Group has a history of being in business for the last 35 years and it is almost mandatory for such an established business to work for community development. Therefore, as a consultant I would like to suggest the following road map for the purpose of achieving the goals of community development spend its resources constructively for skill development and Primary health.

Strategic options:
Community Development is a process strengthening the society in which an organisation operates with the aim of enhancing the mental and physical capacity of people to enable them to serve the society in a better way.
As it is mentioned in the case that AKH group is planning to shell out Rs. 10,000 crore for the purpose of skill development and availability of primary health services. Therefore, as a part of long term plan efficient workforce planning is necessary for the purpose of skill development.
The process of skill development should be coupled with appropriate workforce being employed for doing a particular job.
With such a huge sum to be spent on such a large project, AKH group should mainly focus on opening training centres for converting unskilled workers into skilled workforce with higher productivity. Whether IT, Consumer Products, BPO or Telecom every area needs certain skills which are to be applied on the job for doing it efficiently therefore training centres at each location of the company should be established before allowing the new employees to actually go on the work floor. These training centres should be backed with experienced trainers and coaches to provide both classroom and on the job training.
As far as primary health concerned, it is the most important aspect for both the organisation and its employees. This is because healthy community will serve the organisation in a better way. To achieve this, proper sanitisation facilities should be available in the campus. RO systems should be installed to give the workforce access to clean and healthy drinking water. First aid centres should be set up within the campus and also, AKH group to enter into alliance with various hospitals to enable their employees to take care of their medication and other health related needs for a subsidised price. At last, hygienic environment should be maintained to keep their employees free from any kind of ailments.
Cultural Aspects:

Culture is something which cannot be ignored while implementing any kind of strategies in any kind of organisation. This is because if any organisation ignores the cultural aspect of any given community then the chance for its survival reduces to minimum.
Therefore, before spending such huge sums on nation...

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