Achieving Equilibrium In Caregiving Essay

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Shyu, Y. (2000) discusses time management in this article and lists different ways of dealing with time management issues. The researchers discuss how to reach a balancing point or achieve equilibrium while facing competing needs in caregiving. The article breaks down into three categories ways of coping.
Maintaining is used to prevent problematic situations, modifying the environment, and scheduling. For example when a client does not want to do something the caregiver may be doing or does not want to leave an area the caregiver has to adjust to what the client is doing by leaving open the door or positioning themselves somewhere where they can stay attentive while getting their jobs done. Regaining is necessary when a major problem happens, managing emotions and behaviors, and altering tasks. Caregivers discussed instances when they had come in in a bad mood and that resulting in altercations with the client. In regaining the caregivers has to reassess the problem and take the necessary action to get the problem in order. Establishing is used to make a situation more comfortable considering alternatives, making the care-receiver compliant. The caregivers discussed having additional help come in to help take some slack off of themselves in order to get everything that needed to be done.
The researchers interviewed 15 caregivers of families who received home services, and 14 caregivers of previously hospitalized elders. This was done in order to compare and contrast the differences and similarities that come about when being placed in different caregiving situations. Participants gave different ways that they had developed in order to cope with, and adjust to the demands of both the clients and their personal lives. The findings revealed that all alike had found or were working towards developing a balancing point in order to deal.
I think that this article is helpful because it breaks down the ways that a caregiver can successfully manage the stress times wise when trying to balance their personal lives with the lives of the clients. This...

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