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Achieving Project Goals Simulation Essay

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The Achieving Project Goals Simulation provided by the University of Phoenix eResource is a supplement used to emphasize the study of project management. This simulation consisted of managing a project involving rescue and rehabilitation of overpopulated elephants in Zakinaka National Park to a special conservation area in Ungabo National Park to avoid the scarcity of feeding these animals. This project requires one to manage the work breakdown structure and project network of the project while reconsidering original plans due to unexpected exposed situations.The project scope and deliverables are defined through given outputs and inputs of the Operation Elephants' Ark placed in proper order ...view middle of the document...

Upon arrival on D-Day-2, a female elephant refused to separate from her calf that became ill thus, affecting the journey of all other elephants that refused to go off without them. The project manager decided to restrain the mother elephant that would not separate from her ill calf and treat the calf so they may rejoin the rest of the elephants off on their journey through the special conservation area of Ungabo National Park.This described simulation above completely changes my perspective of project management in a way that it applies in even the most unconventional situations as wildlife animals. Project management is viewed as more complicated than simply wanting a routine task completed in that it consists of sequencing activities in a suitable order to successfully complete a project. This simulation demonstrates the idea of managing a project to successfully plan the desired task within a given time regardless of unanticipated events. This simulation also identifies some advantages and limitations of project management. The scheduling technique used to represent the phases and activities of the work breakdown structure allows the project to be understood by the audience. The techniques used are obvious that they represent the part of the triple constraints of the project, focusing primarily on scheduled management. Specific advantages and limitations of project management identified in the simulation include the clear picture of the tasks and responsibilities, early identification of performance errors and team participation through the two individuals used to help guide through simulation, and the limitation of keeping the project plan simple.Part of managing a project is anticipating what might go wrong. It is the project manager's responsibility to find the bottlenecks that will jeopardize the objectives. Bottlenecks of a project are not necessarily incapabilities but rather the potential for...

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