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Achilles Vs. Hector Essay

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Achilles and Hector are both great men and strong warriors, but they differ in many ways. When contrasting Hector and Achilles it is quite apparent who the better hero is of the two, Hector. Although Achilles is a powerful leader, a strong warrior, and has good traits about himself they do not amount to those of Hector. Achilles and Hector although, both strong warriors differ in their leadership, human qualities, and family lives.
Hector and Achilles were both outstanding leaders at different times, and for different reasons. As a military leader Achilles had many more kills than Hector, but he was adamant. When comparing combat skills Hector is inferior to Achilles ability, but he is a ...view middle of the document...

Despite their contrasting personalities Hector and Achilles were both heroes to their own people. However, they also both made poor decisions and were born in different ways that reflected negatively on their human qualities. Achilles mother is a god, which obviously takes a little bit away from the “mortal” part of him and his life; considering he can get more of what he wants because of this. As well as this, he does not tend to express emotion. The few times when he does is when Briseis was taken away from him, and when Patroclus had died. Other than these two major incidents Achilles must even be reminded to speak up about how he is feeling, “Child, why are you crying? What pain has come to your heart? Speak, don’t hide it,” (18.77). Hector shows fear in the war when he fights, he shows that he loves his family and will use all his strength and motivation with his troops so that he can make it home safely; but to no avail. As a whole, Hector proves more human qualities than Achilles, this helps him become a stronger fighter as he puts emotion into the things that he does.
Achilles and Hector live very different lives outside of the battlefield, when they are with their families it is an entirely different story. For instance, Hector has a family and Achilles does not. Achilles family only consists of his mother and Thetis, the only...

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