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Achiving Project Goal Simulation Essay

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Project Management Organizational Structures PaperProject Management - MGT/437IntroductionAt the start of every project, it is important to select the organization structure. There are three organizational structures the functional, matrix, and pure project structures. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. All three are differenet and when it comes to structuring a project the project managers is in charge of deciding which organizational structure is best fit for the project. This paper will focus on functional structure, matrix structure and pure project structure.Functional ProjectIn a functional project structure, employees are departmentalized by task similarity, and projects are performed inside the departmental unit such as accounting, marketing and human resources departments are examples of units grouped together based on the functions they perform (Murray, 2014). Functional project structure is the most sucessful and oldest structure. In functional project structure components are divide into two a project is assigning to a functional manager who coordinates with others to assigning the project to different departments. Each deparment is in charge of completing their portion of the work and reporting to the department managers.Functional:Advantage and DisadvantagesFunctional structure project has both advantages and disadvantages.One of the advantages is the flexibility and staff contributions. Employees are switched back and forth between projects. The department will be able to provide professional and technical personnel and after completion of the work it can go back to his original workThe disadvantage is that this structure is not very effective when used on more complex projects. The individual accountability is not recognized. An other disadvantages the focus is not set on the client it is focused on activities rather than function, slow responses , lack of...

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