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Acid Deposition Essay

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Acid DepositionAlison LeeIn Alberta today the production of coal is one of the provinces main infrastructures for providing for almost all of the electrical energy need, as we have an abundant amount at an inexpensive cost to mine. Alberta produces approximately 90% of our power through the combustion of thermal coal energy. The coal used in Alberta has a relatively high sulfur content which in turn gets burned along with the coal in power generating plants. This process causes the sulfur to combust creating exhaust that is released into the atmosphere. For Acid rain to be created sulfur dioxide reacts with water which forms a product of sulfurous acid. Sulfurous acid can be shown using the ...view middle of the document...

The exhaust being emitted from these factories and buildings can start to be causing breathing and lung problems for the next generations as this is the air we breathe. Another stance of the why changing the use can be from any historian or builder. These harmful acids falling from the outer atmosphere can cause decaying and deteriorating of buildings and structures. For certain structures, they cannot just be replaced. Statues and sculptures done by many famous people are harshly seeing the effect of these unsafe toxins in the rain. Acid rain is not a significant problem to be dealt with as our high current winds carries the exhaust east and northeast of Alberta, but just because Alberta does not have a major problem does not mean our neighboring provinces and places do not.Currently most of Alberta's energy consumption is being taking care of by the burning of thermal coal. The economic perspective of changing the way Alberta runs by elimination of using thermal coal to help produce 90% of our electrical power should not be an area we try to change. In Alberta currently we are already 17 billion dollars in debt, which presently isn't being taken care of by our government as it will take 85 years to pay off that debt as the honorable Alison Redford has said. Changing the usage of coal means spending more money, which many companies do...

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559 words - 2 pages When thought of acid rain, some people may think of green, burning acid falling from the sky, destroying everything in sight. This may be a bit ridiculous and hard to believe, but as absurd as it sound, it is not far from the truth. Acid deposition has long been a subject of debate because of the widespread environ-mental damage it is responsible for. As one of the major results of air pollution, acid rain can corrode metal and limestone

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875 words - 4 pages amount is naturally produced by decaying plants, volcanos. Very small amounts of nitrogen oxides are also caused by lightning strikes. Once in the atmosphere, acid rain is separated into two categories: wet deposition and dry deposition. Wet deposition means that the gases dissolve in the condensed water in clouds and raise the number of hydrogen ions in the water drops. Dry deposition means that the gases are brought back to the ground either by

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2499 words - 10 pages . Forest soils are commonly found to have pH readings of 4-6, even in areas of moderate to low acid deposition (Binkley et al, p. 4). In fact, an abundance of forest vegetation thrives on and stabilizes most forest soils at relatively low pH levels. It seems as though forest ecosystems generally thrive upon strongly acid soils. Though forest soils naturally are acidic, problems can occur when the acidity levels are raised artificially through

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1335 words - 5 pages because we are subjected to precipitation all the time. I was interested to see just how dangerous acid rain is. If it really is dangerous, I was also interested to see what thing's people can do to help stop its effects. If we cannot stop the effects, I would atleast like to know something’s I can do to lessen the effects on our environment. What is acid rain? Acid rain is the name commonly given to the deposition of a cocktail of acidifying

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