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Acid Rain Essay

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To start off my essay is about the important topic of acid rain. The reason why acid rain is so important is because it has a big impact on the world that is not good. Acid rain can occur anywhere in the word which can have its bad side effects. To sum up, my essay is about acid rain. Mainly because of the effects acid rain can have on earth.
First off, acid rain is the mixture of wet and dry deposition from the atmosphere that contains higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids (1). Its formed from the combination of nitric and sulfuric acids (1). The damage acid rain can do is that it causes acidification of lakes and streams, and contributes to the damage of trees at high ...view middle of the document...

The reason why these cities are experiencing acid rain is because of the excessive emission of sulfur dioxide. These emissions cause health hazards and damage buildings and scenic spots (7). China emitted nearly 26 million tons of sulfur dioxide which was 27 percent which was a big increase since 2000 (8). The effects acid rain had on China was acidification of soil, hurting roots of crops, reducing total yields, growth of marine organisms, disruption of food chains since it kills of low-level marine animals that so many other animal rely on (8). Lastly acid rains’ effect of worsening the environment effect many jobs mainly farming. Acid rain creates a struggle for farmers to grow their crops. Also with the fish farming industry by killing off the farmer’s fish (8).
Another place that acid rain has had many effects on was the European nation of Britain. A study showed that acid rain in Britain has been all but eliminated 25 years since Margaret Thatcher’s launch of a major bid to cut sulfur emissions (9). Britain released more acid rain more than any other European country (10). The total deposition of sulfur in Britain during 1998 was around 0.33 million tons compared to the 1.19 million tons emitted in 1999 (10). Because of how much Britain has emitted, they were described by the Scandinavian countries as “the dirty old man of Europe” (10). The acid rains have had many serious affects on the British. In the 1970s the pollution caused damage to British limestone buildings, made British and Scandinavian lakes more acidic, and killed of tons of fish (9). This eventually served as a warning sign to stop the disaster. The country did many things to stop acid rain from occurring. One of the main things was controlling the emissions from coal-fired power stations in the 1980s (9). A new report showed that...

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