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Having your face disfigured and burned in a matter of seconds is not what any woman has in mind as a consequence when they refuse to go on a date with a man. Sadly, this form of violence or “Acid Throwing” is happening in the gender-stratified or “Caste” system countries. The intent of this essay is to inform the reader what acid throwing is; how and why it happens and provide several facts about this crime. Hopefully, one of these organizations will assist these women who have been victimized, and hopefully they can lead a normal life.
This is a horrific act occurring overseas in countries such as: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Nitric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acids are thrown into someone’s face and it causes the skin to dissolve through all of the layers. The acid exposes the bones, burns the eyes, the nose and the hair is often destroyed; This results in permanent disfigurement of the victims body and emotional well being. More often than not, it is happening to women rather than men. It is one of the most degrading acts that a person could do to another individual.
Why would someone do such a ghastly crime? There are many questions we have about the underlying reason of the crimes. Acid throwing is happening often because a woman did something a man did not like or something she did offended him. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman victim; there are reported cases of victimized men, but the rate isn’t anywhere near the women being victimized. Astoundingly, this is happening to children as young as four years old as punishment. Many cases result in acid throwing because of land disputes, family disputes, political rivalry, infidelity, broken marriage, rejection and a refusal of a relationship or marriage. “Some perpetrators throw acid in an attempt to obtain the victim's land, believing that the family will be forced to sell their property in order to pay for medical treatment” (8).
The victims’ ages range from under ten to approximately thirty. It
happening to very young girls that are just maturing.
Most of the victims are young. According to newspaper reports in Bangladesh, in the nine-month period following April 1998, of 174 victims of acid attacks ten were girls under ten years of age, 79 were young women between 11-20 years of age, and 20 were women between 20-30 years of age. Other members of the family and bystanders have also been harmed when they were in the vicinity of the intended victim during an attack (2).

Criminologist Casey Jordan mentions "it's usually a way of controlling women, especially women who have spurned advances. It's a way of men exerting control and putting women in their place by harming their beauty” (10). Forlornly, this is because of the gender violence and social status that we’ve learned tremendously about already. Kirk tells us gender violence is “any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in, physical violence, or psychological harm...

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