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Acids And Base Paper Chemistry Essay

657 words - 3 pages

Chemistry/Essentials of Chemistry Semester 2 Acid/Base Paper

Your task is to research acids and/or bases. Find a use of acids and/or bases that solves or addresses a problem or
issue. The issue may be local or global and should touch on at least one of the following areas: moral, ethical, social,
economic, political, cultural or environmental. Please refer to the Criterion D rubric.

e.g., pool chemistry, cleaning, fertilizers, runoff, acid rain, medical et cetera.

*There will be a link on your class Haiku page to assist you in beginning your research.

You are a film producer proposing ?how it works? style episodes for a television network.

The target audience is the network reviewer who selects the segments that will be developed and the challenge
involves explaining the science behind your topic clearly to the general public, while maintaining a high-interest

You will create a paper proposal for your idea that meets the following criteria:
o 500 - 700 word paper
o Legible font
o Double-spaced
o Properly reference all in-text citations.
o Appropriate use of scientific vocabulary terms, levels limited: some or sufficient level
o Appropriate use of spelling and grammar skills
o Submitted electronically through
o MLA style citation

? Four resources, a minimum of two once published in print or digital form (like journals, magazines, books, etc.
? anything that you found on Gale, not a website)

Standards (may be addressed in part or whole, depending on topic selection)
Michigan State Standards
C5.7A Recognize formulas for common inorganic acids, carboxylic acids, and bases formed from families I and II.

C5.7B Predict products of an acid-base neutralization.

C5.7C Describe tests that can be used to distinguish an acid from a base.

C5.7D Classify various solutions as acidic or basic, given their pH.

C5.7g Calculate the pH from the hydronium ion or hydroxide ion concentration.

C5.7h Explain why sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides contribute to acid rain.


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