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Acknowledging Fatigue Of Tired Women Essay

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Acknowledging Unexplained Fatigue of Tired Women


The title “Acknowledging Unexplained Fatigue of Tired Women” indicates a qualitative study. This study is applicable to women (aged 18 years or more) with the symptoms of fatigue, depression, sense of powerless, and body aches.
The problem is stated clearly throughout the introduction. The background information illustrates that fatigue is not well understood. If the patterns associated with fatigue were better understood, diagnosis, treatment, and management of symptoms would be attainable. Justification for this study is based on the principle that no previous research has taken place focusing on the patterns of fatigue. These must be understood in order to treat accurately. The specific significance of the problem to the nursing practice is not stated within the text. One can deduce that fatigue is multi-dimensional syndrome that requires care from all members of the interdisciplinary team, which includes nurses. The problem can be researched using objective measures to find correlations of fatigue and related symptoms.
The literature review precedes the explanation of the study. In this section, there is examination of treatment studies that have proven therapeutic for fatigue symptoms, including thyroid hormones and antidepressants. The review of the literature demonstrates that the best approach of care has not been found and there is a need to clearly define the patterns of fatigue. Classic research cited was Aaronson et. al (1999), which examined “fatigue physiological, intrapersonal, and psychosocial patterns related” (Dzurec, 42). Current research included in the literature review included Dzurec et al. (2000), in which the results show that anti-depressants are inadequate for long-term fatigue (Dzurec, 42). Supporting studies showed need for research in this area and opposing studies were those of pharmacological treatment. The literature review is logically organized by first stating the drug research, why it is ineffective, the need to redefine patterns to find a cause and therefore find the treatment that works. A primary resource included is Aaronson et. al (1999) and a secondary source was the American Associations of Clinical Endocrinologist website. There is no summary of the literature review, but there is an appropriate statement of purpose and research cues.
The purpose is clearly stated. The statement is appropriate for a qualitative study as it emphasizes verbal description and meaning of experiences.
The research method used is a quasi-experimental design with descriptive and comparative techniques. The rational for use of this design was absent from the text. Given the purpose of the study, the design deems appropriate based on the need for indicators of the symptoms. The issues of rigor are addressed by measuring questions objectively as well...

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