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Acquire Peripheral Neuropathy Essay

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Peripheral Neuropathy
Peripheral nerves are categorized as both sensory and motor which means they help provide sensations and move ligaments. These nerves attach to the spinal cord and run throughout the human body. Damaging these nerves may result in peripheral neuropathy. This condition is the degenerative state of the peripheral nerves. During this state, nerves may lose the ability to function therefore, causing multiple problems with one’s body. There are multiple causes to this condition and many can be avoided.
Vitamin deficiencies are a leading cause of nerves being damaged or weakened. Several vitamins such as B12, B6, and E are essential for keeping humans and their bodies healthy. Without these vitamins, the human body would slowly start to deteriorate with function. Thiamine is greatly needed to keep nerves in a stable state and prevent inflammation of the nerves. Humans must do their part to keep their bodies healthy and safe from spinal damage as caused most commonly by car accidents.
Car accidents are the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy. During a car accident, the nerves may be dismembered or dislocated.
“One example of acquire peripheral neuropathy is trigeminal neuralgia (also known as tic doulcunex), in which the damage to the trigeminal nerve (the largest nerve of the head and face) causes episodic attacks of excruitiating, lightning-like pain on one side of the face” (Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet).
The car accident could damage ones spinal cord if it was crushed or hit hard enough. If the spinal cord is severed, the peripheral nerves may detach from the spinal cord. Detachment may lead to pressure applied by other organs or bones. The wreck may cause broken bones that would compress the spinal nerves. When the nerves cannot “breathe”, they will release neurotransmitters that will produce any level of pain which is one of the most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
Cancer can be a cause of this condition if the tumor is located in the spinal area. The tumors can release a good amount of pressure on the nerves and cause them to emit pain. The tumors that form are formed from the nerve cells and the nerve tissue. “Neuromas, benign masses of overgrown nerve tissue that can develop after any penetrating injury that severs nerve fibers, generate very intense pain signals and sometimes engulf neighboring nerves, leading to further damage and even greater pain”( Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet). When something like this happens, the doctors would have to retreat to treatment as soon as possible. If not, it may lead to permanent loss of function of a body part that could be essential to the individual.
When nerves are weakened and prone to peripheral neuropathy, they may exert pain as a reflex. Pain is the leading symptom of this condition. The pain may be mild or severe and could worsen during the night. It is often caused by inflammation of the nerves that will soon worsen if not treated for....

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