Across The Barricades Is A Novel Written By Joan Lingard.

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Across the Barricades is a novel written by Joan Lingard.

Across The Barricades

'Across the Barricades' is a novel written by Joan Lingard. It is set
in the Belfast area in the 1970's. Catholics want Ireland to be all
together and one country while Protestants want The Northern Ireland
to stay part of Britain. The plot is about 'The Troubles' and a
Protestant girl in love with a Catholic boy. Sadie (Protestant) and
Kevin (Catholic) are separated by the divide. They meet (they used to
know each other a while ago) and become close. This upsets their
families and friends because they are from different sides of the
divide. Kevin and Sadie get threats and Kevin gets beaten up as a
result of this. Sadie know Mr Blake from high school. When Kevin goes
to see Sadie, Mr Blake sees that Kevin is in need and so takes Sadie
and Kevin to his house. After some time, Mr Blake gets too involved
and so gets threats, nearly killed in a car and eventually killed by a
petrol bomb. Kevin and Sadie become sick of Belfast and the violence
and so leave. Kevin and Sadie realize that 'The Troubles' aren't going
to go away and that there's no hope for change in the future.

In this paragraph the importance of the characters will be discussed.
Kevin McCoy is Catholic and works in Mr Kelly's scrapyard. Kate Kelly
likes Kevin but Kevin loves Sadie. "Kate tried to cling to Kevin but
most of the time she irritated him". Kate thus tries to get Kevin into
trouble by telling the police about Brian's gun. "Underneath was a
rifle and several rounds of ammunition. Brian wanted Kevin to rebel
against the Protestants and use the gun but Kevin had rejected his
thoughts. Brian then hid the gun in Mr Kelly's scrapyard. Kevin is
then blamed for the gun and so is fired.

"It's a dead end job anyway the scrap business. I won't stay in it".

Sadie used to work at a hat store until she got fired. She then worked
for Mr Blake doing housework. Her family were against the idea of her
going out with a Catholic. When Kevin and Sadie meet Mr Jackson, Tommy
and Mr Mullet, Mr Jackson wants to fight Kevin, "Mr. Mullet and I have
some unfinished business with this fella here."

Brian is Catholic, and used to be Kevin's best friend. He's a shift
worker. Brian supports terrorism in Northern Ireland. When he buys a
gun, Kevin falls out with him because Kevin doesn't want to be
anything to do with 'The Troubles'. Brian and two of his friends then
beat Kevin up.

Mrs. Mullet is the local Protestant gossip. Linda (her daughter) is
like her aswell. Mrs. Mullet is really nosy and tries to make trouble
for people.

Linda tells Mr...

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