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Across The Universe Essay

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Across The Universe is a story that takes you into the lives of the true flower children during the 1960s. Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), Jude (Jim Sturgess), and Max (Joe Anderson), are on a journey to achieve peace, love, and happiness. Lucy and Max are siblings whose family is very wealthy. Lucy loses her first true love to the War in Vietnam and begins to spiral into depression. Her brother, Max, drops out of college against his family’s wish, and he and Lucy run away to New York City to escape their high class life. There, they meet Jude, a man from Liverpool who hopped the United States’ border to experience foreign life. The three of them bounce around the city, enjoying all it has to offer, occasionally under the influence of drugs. Lucy, Jude, and Max join a band of hippies protesting the war and march and chant in large protest lines. The movie depicts scenes of the police punching and abusing peaceful protesters, while comparing it to scenes of men ruthlessly shooting innocent civilians in the Vietnam War. Throughout the movie, Lucy and Jude begin to fall in love, which causes some of the main difficulties.
Across The Universe is generally categorized as a musical because of the strong musical influence maintained throughout the movie. A strong example of a traditional musical is The Sound of Music. The 1965 classic has a simple plot line with songs framing each scene. The main purpose of the songs is simply to help move the plot along. Maria (Julie Andrews) sings “I Have Confidence” as she is preparing for her new job as a nanny after being in a nunnery most of her adult life. “I Have Confidence” along with the many other beautiful songs in the soundtrack are originally made to fit the plotline of the musical. With each song, Maria is dancing. Whether it be skipping and running around when she is singing on the hills, or an actual intricate dance routine, each song is matched up with the appropriate choreography. Finally, as The Sound of Music continues on, Maria and her boss begin to fall in love. The time they spend together only brings them closer until they actually fall in love.
Across The Universe is a far cry from the conservative plot of The Sound of Music. The movie is very radical musical; from the use of drugs to the extreme issues portrayed. Across The Universe contains many scenes of illegal drug use because in the sixties, drugs were heavily prevalent. Furthermore, the movie incorporates sexuality. Prudence, a runaway, turns out to be a closeted lesbian and the group sings “Dear Prudence”, to help lure her out of “the closet” she was hiding in. The sixties was a very controversial decade because of the illicit drug use and the sexual revolution. Most musicals do not include such racy subjects mainly because of the time period they were made in. Despite the fact The Sound of Music was made in the sixties; society did not widely accept these subjects. Across The Universe was made in the twentieth...

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