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Act And College Research Paper

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People frequently say that everything from GPA to extracurricular activities counts starting in high school. Thus, many students tend to start planning for their future in their first year in high school. One of the major concerns of most high school students getting ready for college is a financial issue. Doing well on national exams such as the ACT can solve this problem with possible scholarships offered at colleges. Understanding the purpose and description of the ACT as well as the information about the tuition fee and the Pre-Pharmacy program at Oregon State University is important for me to get a head start on my future education.
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For the school year of 2013-2014, there were 27,925 applicants, and 26,306 applicants were accepted. Although the US ranking of the school is not mentioned, the website says that the university is seventh worldwide in agriculture and forestry and fourth among other universities in the US in sustainability. For the school year of 2014-2015, the cost of the room and board at the university is $10,929 for both residents and nonresidents of the state, but the tuition fee differs greatly. The tuition fee for residents is $9,102, while the tuition fee for nonresidents is $26,274. Oregon State University offers many scholarships such as the Presidential Scholarship, which is the most prestigious scholarship, Provost Scholarship, Legacy Scholarships, and more. Also, Federal Programs and State and Institutional Programs are some of the financial aids available at the university (Oregon State University).
Out of all the academic majors offered at the Oregon State University, the major that interests me the most is Pre-Pharmacy. This major is housed in the College of Pharmacy. Students interested in becoming pharmacists can choose any major, but they are required to finish all of the prerequisite courses for the Pharm. D. program. These prerequisite coursework take up to eight semesters and consist of thirty-five courses of...

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