Act I Scene V Of Romeo And Juliet As An Effective Piece Of Drama

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Act I Scene V of Romeo and Juliet as an Effective Piece of Drama

In this assignment, I will comment in details about Act I Scene V.
This scene can be separated into seven short sections, which have
different events and mood. So I will comment on each section by using
references to important developments and characters. Also, I will use
concrete examples of the languages used by Shakespeare as evidence of
each character's role.

In this scene, we are introduced to Juliet's family and to Romeo.
Their love is doomed from the start, because they belong to rival
families. Their love will grow so strong to become more important than
their life.

As for Act I Scene V, it consists of seven short sections.

In the first short section in Act I Scene V, lots of servants are
preparing for the big party. They are very busy preparing for a great
party. From this confusing section, Shakespeare makes readers know how
big this party is going to be and how many people are invited by the
Capulet. The following quote suggests how busy the servants are "we
cannot be here and there too". We can also see this from Capulet's
speech, "Ah, sirrah, this unlook'd for sport comes well." However,
there is a difference between Capulet and servants use of language;
Capulet uses very formal and unusual words, which shows readers that
he is more educated than his servants.

In section 2, Capulet and his cousin talk about when they were young.
They forget the guests for a while and talk about the time when they
were young and went to parties similar to this one. They are quite old
now and it is difficult for them to keep track of all the time that

In section 3, Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. He is taken by her
beauty and immediately forgets about the other woman who he thought to
be in loved with. The speeches following "Beauty too rich for use for
earth too dear!" and "shows a snowy dove trooping with crows as yonder
lady o'er her fellows shows" tell us how beautiful does Romeo think
Juliet is. There are some literary language used in this section such
as alliteration of 't' sounds from Romeo's speech "teach the torches
to" and 's' sounds from the following words "So-show-snowy". Romeo
uses the above kinds of poetic expressions to say that Juliet's beauty
is above everybody else's.

In section 4, Tybalt recognises Romeo. He hates all Montagues
therefore he tries to expel Romeo from his uncle's house impatiently.
The quotations "What, dares the slave come hither" and "To strike him
dead I hold it not a sin" represents how Tybalt hates Montague. He
uses very strong and aggressive language and action. In contrast,
Capulet responses very calmly and stops Tybalt as he tries to attack
Romeo immediately, but Tybalt keeps trying to expel him so Capulet
becomes increasingly...

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