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Acting Essay

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One of the first assignments we had in this class was to write a paper discussing our goals and aspirations for the upcoming semester in this class. The three main goals I focused on in that first paper were to make new friends and meet new people, to become more confident in everything I do, and to learn to preform and use my voice when acting and/or speaking in front of others. I think with the help of my professor as well as the help from my classmates, I achieved all of these goals I had hoped to, along with accomplishing many other things I did not expect to. I believe this class helped me in many ways.
I have made more friends through this class then I had ever hoped to. The class had such a fun and open atmosphere and it allowed us all to come together as one ensemble. We were all able to pick almost all of the material we would present to the class. This gave each person freedom to choose a piece that meant something to them and that they could express themselves with. I think this creative freedom let us get to know everyone a lot better. We were able to work with people we normally wouldn’t have. Each individual had his or her own personality that they added to the class. I believe we all got along very well and made this class fun and exciting. I truly believe through this semester we became one big acting family.

The second goal I wished to achieve was to become more confident in everything I do. I believe this class helped me tremendously in this aspect of my life. The majority of the assignments were required to be presented in front of the entire class. At the beginning of the semester I was very spectacle of this. I have never liked talking in front of people, and having to act, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time, made me even more nervous. However, we learned various breathing and warm up techniques to calm our nerves and to properly prepare for our presentation. I used these techniques in other classes as well. When I had to give a speech or presentation for another class, I kept calm by taking a breath and gathering my thoughts between my introduction and the rest of my...

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