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Acting: Behind The Lights And Cameras

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While attending a live performance or sitting down in front of a television, most audience members do not consider what occurs before the final product is viewed. The stories told do not magically happen, they are conveyed with the use of actors. Actors must endure rigorous auditions, education courses, varying pay, and an unpredictable work environment. Without the dedicated people who have the courage to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, the stories would remain untold.
Very rarely do the scriptwriters or director entertain an audience with his or her performance on the stage or on camera. Actors are the visual embodiment of many other’s hard work and efforts. Actors must be extremely adaptable, as they discover themselves playing many different characters in a short amount of time. For some roles actors are required to do in depth research before rehearsing, however; for others, some characters can be developed or molded as the rehearsals progress. Actors must find a balance between adding his or her personal touch while also being able to take direction, notes and constructive criticism from members of the Directing team (“Actor”). Actors must memorize lines, music, and blocking positions while maintaining a sense of consistency. “Actors also have a responsibility to their audience, to ensure that they deliver consistent performances, to the best of their abilities, irrespective of their personal circumstances” (“Actor”).
Getting a position as an actor or to even study acting requires a process known as an audition. Auditions can include a monologues or “cold readings”, singing, or dancing. Typically an audition monologue will range from thirty seconds to a few minutes depending on the audition panel’s preference. To show an actor’s ability in different scenarios, two contrasting monologues may be required, such as dramatic and comedic. If the show or program contains music, general music knowledge will be required along with showcasing one’s talent through song. For example, an audition for Belmont University’s Musical Theatre program requires a classical aria and two contrasting musical theatre songs with live accompaniment. If an actor is auditioning for a particular position where dancing will be present, there will be another audition portion for dancing. A solo may be required as well as additional assessment in ballet, tap, or jazz (“Audition Requirements-Musical Theatre”). After the audition, the panel will review their scores and comments and will notify the acting hopeful if he or she is accepted for the position.
Before many actors attempt to tackle auditioning for a show, they attend a university or some type of specialist drama school to obtain a better understanding of the career. A university can require up to seven courses from a theatre studies curriculum that reflects the mission of the department, which is to give students the artistic and intellectual foundations necessary for a successful professional...

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