Acting Mistakes And Theatricallity Essay

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Agatha Christi is one of the most successful classical mystery novels writers. She wrote 149 short stories, more than a dozen plays, and over 70 mystery thrillers and novels, one of which is The Murder in the Orient Express. This novel features Hercule Poirot, a small, brilliant, lively Belgian detective, with waxy moustache and quick mind, who solves even the most complex crimes, as the one on the Orient Express is, with the help of his little grey cells.
Even though Agatha Christi was not very keen on deep characterisation of her characters, it is easy to read through Hercule Poirot’s behaviour and understand that he is in fact an emotional and eccentric man, very intelligent, extremely aware and instinctual, and is a brilliant detective who lives for solving crimes, always puts himself whole in the case. Because of his deep love for crime puzzles, he gets carried away by emotions and passion so his revealing of the murderer develops into a very theatrical show. He yells, jumps around, sweats and gets all red in his face when talking about the crime. Moreover, his passion and theatricality can be seen through the excessive usage of interjections and emphasizing some of the key words in the text “But if you are employed as a lady’s-maid your employers seldom have a chance of learning…” (Christie 135), which are adopted to indicate his train of thought, suggests possible answers, and lead readers to the solution of the mystery, step by step.
On the other hand, he was not the only theatrical character of The Murder on the Orient Express. All the passengers of the Stambul-Calais coach had one goal, and that was to revenge little Daisy by murdering Mr. Ratchett. To successfully do it, they played comprehensively other characters and made a stage show of the murdering process. If Hercule Poirot was not on the train, their stage play would be done almost perfectly, and no one could ever think of twelve people assassinating a man in a manner of a ritual sacrifice. Since Hercule Poirot was on the train, he scrutinized the mistakes in their acting, which almost resulted in the doers spending the rest of their lives imprisoned.
To start with, the first couple that made a mistake were Colonel Arbuthnot and Mary Debenham in Taurus Express to Stamboul, where Poirot first met them. They claimed to have met only days ago, but Poirot saw that they shared too much affection and seemed to be too close for strangers. One of the first clues this couple gave to Poirot was when they waited in Konya and he accidentally overheard their conversation:...

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