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Action Plan for Rural and Remote Education 2011-2015 0
Action Plan for Rural and
Remote Education
School and community partnerships - 'the who'
High levels of student, parent, staff and broader school community confidence in the school's performance and achievement
School curriculum - 'the what'
Consistent curriculum, planning and implementation to improve learning
Teaching practice - 'the how'
High quality teaching focused on the achievement of every student
Closing the Gap
To deliver improved levels of achievements and respect for cultural diversity for all students in rural and remote schools
Principal Leadership and School Capability - "the capacity"
Instructional leadership, with an unrelenting focus on improvement.

Action Plan for Rural and Remote Education 2011-2015 1
Message from the Director-General 2 Commitment to Quality Rural and Remote Education 2 Summary of Actions to Meet the Challenges 3 Actions to Meet the Challenges and Deliver Results 4
School Community and Partnerships - 'the who' 4 School curriculum - 'the what' 6 Teaching practice - 'the how' 8 Closing the Gap 12 Principal Leadership and School Capability - "the capacity" 15

Action Plan for Rural and Remote Education 2011-2015 2
A message from the Director-General The Queensland Government strives to ensure that all young people, no matter where they live, can pursue the educational pathways necessary to foster lifelong learning and realise their aspirations. Given Queensland's diversity, many young people reside in rural and remote areas. Approximately half of our state schools teaching approximately a quarter of our state school students are in rural and remote areas of Queensland. The department recognises that a high quality education system that meets the needs of these Queenslanders is vital for the state's future prosperity and community wellbeing. I am therefore pleased to introduce the Action Plan for Rural and Remote Education, 2011-2015. This plan has been developed in partnership with stakeholders to describe how we are responding to the unique challenges of rural and remote areas, and outlines existing programs and new initiatives that will support young people living in rural towns and remote locations. These initiatives align with the strategies outlined in the Blueprint for the Bush: a ten year whole-of-government strategy for building a sustainable, liveable and prosperous future for rural communities in Queensland. I commend the dedication of Queensland state schools to quality teaching and learning, and I look forward to continued improvements in student performance supported through implementation of the Action Plan for Rural and Remote Education, 2011-2015.
JULIE GRANTHAM Director-General, Department of Education and Training
Introduction: Our Commitment to Quality Rural and Remote Education
The Department of Education and Training provides services for Queenslanders across the entire continuum of formative learning:...

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