Action Research Plan To Analyze A Professional Development Of East Memorial Elementary Implementation

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East Memorial Elementary (EME) is consisting of Kindergarten through Fifth grades. The school is a part of Weld County School District Six (WCSD 6). The population of the school is a little over 500 students. The school is in Greeley, Colorado about an hour north from Denver. An action plan was conducted to find ways to increases student achievement of English learners (EL) at EME. According to State test data EL students are showing low growth. The goal of this project is to answer how EME leadership effectively increases student achievement of English learners at EME? How does the leadership create a professional development to teach the other staff members of EME ways to increase EL students’ academic growth? An Analysis of professional development was conducted to see how efficiently the training is currently changing attitudes, knowledge, and skill of the teaching staff. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the implementation of this action plan that was developed based on the findings from the action research.
Action Research Plan
Goal: To create the use of study groups to be use during the school year
Objectives Tasks Success Criteria Time Frame People involved
School leadership will setup small study groups The leadership will place teachers in groups based on content areas. All fourth grade teachers will work with each other. The leadership team will have a list of each study group and group leader One week -Leadership team

During all study group meetings the use of low to high activities will be used. -Working in groups to create ground rules on how they will treat each other
- Begin to look at different teaching practices
- Collaborative action research plans Each group will make a study group agenda and group notes. This will be handed in by the end of each week. -Agenda’s and notes will be handed in weekly
- Each group will start making agenda’s by the second week.
-This will be done for six weeks. -Leadership team
-Teaching staff
Each study group will be able to share what they leaned from action research plans by conducting a PD for all staff -Collaborative action research plans
-Lead all staff PD for EME school. Each study group will be signed a PD to share what they leaned by creating handouts for staff.
-Each group will be check off when they have presented. Each group will have a month to create action research project. Teaching staff
After three months an assessment will be conducted by leadership team. The leadership team will create a survey that will be handed out to staff. The data will look at what is working and what needs to be improved. The survey data. 12 weeks Leadership team
Teaching staff
Data that needs to be collected
The leadership team will use survey data to gain feedback on the success of the study groups. The leadership team will also conduct observations of PD’s and compare data to the data from the pre observation.

Implementing Action Plan
The action plan was implemented on...

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