Actions And Agents Essay

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Aristotle believed there are four types of actions: voluntary, involuntary non-voluntary, and compulsory. Voluntary actions are actions that an individual does without outside influence and with absolute knowledge of the situation and the outcome. One example of a voluntary action is I go to college to get an education to better myself and receive the outcome of a degree. Another example of a voluntary action is noticing a red traffic light, proceeding through a red light, and knowing of the consequence of a ticket if caught. Actions done without knowing some aspect of the action are titled involuntary. This unknown aspect, if known, may have yielded an altered result. An example of an involuntary action is striking a parked vehicle with your car and not leaving a note but, not knowing, a witness wrote down your car’s information. If the individual knew a witness observed the damage to the vehicle, they may have decided on a different course of action. Nonvoluntary actions are that in which a part of the information is unknown and the individual does not care to know the missing information. An example of this is a mother wondering where her children have gone but, assuming they are playing in their room without checking. Although, the mother may care about her children, she does not know if the children are in their room and does not care to check. When an action is partly due to another factor outside of yourself this is named compulsory. An example of a compulsory action is a man selling his favorite car because someone offered him an insane amount of money for it and he is tight on money; in this circumstance the outside factor affecting his decision is the insane amount of money. Without that amount being offered the man would be unlikely to sell his favorite car.
Now we explore if all these actions should receive the same amount of praise or punishment. I believe all actions should receive the same amount punishment except compulsory. If you commit an act, it is your responsibility to know all the information and consequences surrounding that action. If you decide to commit an action without all the knowledge of the situation, that is nobody’s burden but your own. The only reason a compulsory action should be less punishable is because the action involves an outside factor and sometimes this factor is out of your control. An example of this is a bully beating up a victim. If a bully tells a victim give me your money or I will beat you up. The victim should not be punished for either giving his money away or getting beat up because one or the other had to happen and no other...

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