Active Euthanasia Is Homocide Essay

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Active euthanasia can be defined as the practice of injecting a patient with a lethal dose of medication with the primary objective of ending the patient’s life. According to Keown active euthanasia is “the intentional termination of a patient’s life by a doctor who thinks that death is a benefit to that patient. Euthanasia then is not simply a doctor doing something which he foresees will shorten the patient’s life, but doing something intending to shorten the patient’s life” (397). The medical professional (doctor) will inject the patient with a lethal dose of medication so that the patient can die slowly. In this case the immediate cause of death of a patient is not their disease but something done to the patient to cause his or her demise. My goal in this paper is to argue against active euthanasia since I see it follows the same principle as homicide.
Active euthanasia
Death is not a choice that lies on anyone’s decision. The doctor’s role is to safeguard the patient’s life and not to take it away. Health practitioners take an oath to safeguard life at all cost, this implies that a doctor should not kill at any given moment. When he decides to shorten the patient’s life this is going against the oath he or she took in the first place. Active euthanasia is intentionally ending another’s life slowly. It’s morally wrong to deny anyone the right to live. If we agree that some people can choose when others would die this is murder in its entirety. Everything must be done to prevent death since life is valuable and desirable to pursue and possess. If one chooses to die this is termed as suicide and it’s not acceptable. It can be concluded that active euthanasia denies patients the right to live and should not be accepted and condoned.
Practicing euthanasia will make killing one of the medical treatment options. If euthanasia is legalized then medical caregivers will change and become killers instead of comforters and healers. In presence of death patients tend to be highly anxious because of the fear of the unknown upon death, and what they require most is love, physiological support, and careful symptom management. For the relatives they cannot cope watching a death of a loved one. Euthanasia is also known as “mercy killing” it beats the name itself since if you are merciful and compassionate you will share in the other person’s pain and not want them to die. If euthanasia is practiced the medical profession will have been conferred with more power over life and death. As a result they will be less accountable with their actions of killing a patient. If a doctor does a wrong diagnosis and the patient dies he or she will not be accountable since if he says the deceased was in great pain and the best medication was to do an active euthanasia no one would prove him or her wrong since the other party is dead already. This may bring ethical decay among the medical professionals and it may cause a progressive loss of respect to human...

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