Active Listening Skills Between Staff And Human Resource Manager

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While there are many skills a human resource manager may need, the one that is most important is active listening skills. A person might ask how would a human resource manager learn these skills and why are they important? As a human resource manager it is essential that all communication between each party is clear. If for instance an employee comes into the office complaining that their insurance has not been taken out of their check. This employee is upset because of this situation. To apply good listening skills a human resource manager should say,” I will check on that right away for you.” This acknowledges to the speaker I am listening to your problems and I am willing to fix this issue. A human resource manager must learn these skills by practicing them. Active listening skills are important for a human resource manager because they aid in the comprehension of the words or actions that are communicated.
Active listening skills are the communication between staff and the human resource manager. When dealing with a problem from a staff member a human resource manager needs to apply good active listening skills. Active listening involves six compelling approaches: paying attention, holding judgment, reflecting, clarifying, summarizing, and sharing (Hoppe, 2006, p. 12-18).
The first part of active listening skills is paying attention. Paying attention is the ability to set the tone. You can set the tone by being formal or informal. This all depends on the situation at hand. Also, another good practice to paying attention is allowing enough time for the other person to speak. If you are trying to talk at the same time as the speaker then you are not paying attention to what they are saying to you. A good practice is to let the speaker finish talking before you speak. Interrupting can cause confusion in the communication between you and the speaker. The other side of showing interest is avoiding actions that suggest that your mind is somewhere else (Robbins & DeCenzo, 2004). The use of good body language and eye contact is another way of showing you are paying attention. These two listening skills, demonstrate to them that you are paying attention to what they have to say. In addition, you can also use facial gestures as a way of letting the speaker know you are paying attention. You can also focus on their facial gestures to see how they react to what you are saying to them. Facial features are part of active listening skills because you can tell that a person understands what you are saying to them by a raise of an eyebrow, a smile, or even a frown. It will perceive to them a positive or negative attitude towards the subject being discussed.
The second part of active listening skills are withholding judgment. Withholding judgment means not arguing on another’s thoughts or dismissing the thought the speaker is expressing to you. You need to keep an open mind and do not criticize. Additionally, keeping an open mind on the...

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