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Activism Analysis Essay

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Drinking and rape: two terms that are prevalent on every college campus in America but yet are seemingly concealed, masking the true pervasiveness among college students. An astonishing 20 percent of college women will fall victim to sexual assault by their senior year according to a 2009 study of sexual assault on college campuses. The same study suggests that nearly 80 percent of those assaults involve alcohol (Krebs 640). With an increase in social media and provocative portrayals of women, a culture of indifference and denial dismisses this underground danger, turning a blind eye to its detrimental affects to an individual, community, and society as a whole. There is a need for social ...view middle of the document...

With this, my group decided to advance the interest of social justice surrounding drinking and sexual assault on the College of Charleston campus. To bring the statistics to relevant measures for students, we produced a study of various questions to assess the presence of sexual assault on campus and its association with alcohol. Our findings revealed that 20 females out of the 126 participants have been a victim of sexual assault or rape, with approximately half occurring while attending the College of Charleston. 77% of the participants admitted they had been drinking the night of the assault and 82% knew their attacker. Shockingly, only 12% of the women reported their assault or rape to the police. These findings illustrate that sexual assault is part of our campus, with compelling ties to alcohol, and that students are belittled by social structures that inhibit their retribution. Furthermore, relating to the 106 females who did not experience a sexual assault or rape, we found that the highest percentage of women drank approximately 5-6 drinks per night. 75% of participants have blacked out due to excessive alcohol consumption and approximately 42% acknowledged haven woken up in a bed of a stranger, with no recollection of how they had gotten there. This is our campus and these are our attitudes; females are continually subjecting themselves to dangerous behaviors by neglecting cognitive awareness of sexual assault. Thus, we assembled an activism demonstration in which we presented our findings to the Charleston campus by exemplifying the detrimental relationship of alcohol and sexual assault. The stereotypical party symbol, the red solo cup, was transformed into a campus-wide advertisement with various sexual assault statistics written on them. Our group distributed them in between classes in Cougar Mall, creating a public campaign for community awareness to think twice before you take that next sip. We also...

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