Sports And Politics Do Not Mix.

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It is a well-known fact that sports and politics do not mix.Throughout modern historical sporting events this has been present. Early evidence was during the 1939 Olympic Games in Nazi Germany when black American athlete Jessie Owens won a gold medal but was refused a handshake from infamous leader Adolf Hitler.Other events where this has been present are the 1980 and 84 Olympic Games when firstly the Americans and other countries boycotted the Moscow Games due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.This was then followed by 14 Eastern Bloc countries (Countries in the Warsaw pact named by NATO) boycotted the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Both of these boycotts affected the Olympic Games due to the loss of countries.Also the apartheid in South Africa caused international bans from FIFA and other major sporting events to take place in that country.Sadly, the most recent mix of sport and politics shown to the public was the London 2012 Olympics Games. This was between contracted "security services provider" G4S and the British government.It all started in March 2011 when G4S were made the official "security services provider" for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The contract originally stated that G4S would provide the training and management for the 10,000 strong security workforce. (Courtesy of the Telegraph)In December the Government announced that the number of security guards at the Games would be raised to 23,700 with the security cost at £553 million.Come a few weeks before the Games began, G4S admitted that it "would not be able to deliver the numbers of security personnel as they had promised". (Courtesy of the Telegraph)This had cause outrage within Westminster leading to then Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announcing that up to 3,500 extra troops will be needed for the security duties during the Games after fears that G4S would not meet the needs.Home Secretary Theresa May stated, "There is no question of Olympic security being compromised." Following...

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