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Activity 1.1.3 Careers In Biomedical Science Assignment

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There are many career opportunities related to the biomedical sciences, and these career options are increasing daily. Biomedical science careers involve people working in many different settings, including research and clinical laboratories, medical centers, industries, doctor’s offices, and universities. The biomedical sciences comprise one of the largest industries in the United States and is a field that is predicted to continue to grow. Throughout your PLTW Biomedical Science coursework, you will explore a variety of career areas and complete entries about these opportunities in your career journal. Your teacher may collect your career journal and review it for assessment purposes.

In this activity you will examine key information gathered from interviews of friends, family members, and people of interest. You will organize all of your findings related to Anna’s case, as well as explore some of the biomedical science professionals involved so far in the investigation of Anna Garcia’s death.
Computer with Inspiration® Software (optional)
Inspiration® Resource Guide (optional)
Laboratory journal
PBS Course File
Activity 1.1.3: Persons of Interest Resource Sheet
Unit 1 – Investigative Notes Resource Sheet
Career Journal
Career Journal Guidelines
PLTW Biomedical Science Documentation Protocol Resource Sheet
Part I: Persons of Interest
Obtain an Activity 1.1.3 Persons of Interest Resource Sheet from your teacher.
Create a heading entitled Persons of Interest on your Unit 1 – Investigative Notes Resource Sheet.
Read through the information gathered for each person of interest. As you read, write down any possible clues relating to Anna’s death on your Investigative Notes sheet, including possible motives.
Return to the theories you added in Activity 1.1.2. Modify your theories or add new theories based on clues from the persons of interest.
File the Activity 1.1.3 Persons of Interest Resource Sheet and the Unit 1 – Investigative Notes Resource Sheet in the appropriate tab of your course file. Use the PBS Course File – Table of Contents as a guide.
Part II: Career Journal
Pay attention as your teacher presents the...

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